Bill Cowher: Setting the Odds for Which Head Coaching Vacancy He Will Fill

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2011

Bill Cowher: Setting the Odds for Which Head Coaching Vacancy He Will Fill

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    Bill Cowher may not have landed one of the jobs that is on his "wish list", but that still means he's out there, waiting to be had for an owner and apparently ready to get back into coaching. 

    Truth be told the jobs on his reported list (Houston, Miami and the New York Giants) never opened. Tony Sparano was offered a two year extension with the Dolphins and both Giants and Texans ownership decided to retain their coaches for at least next season.

    With that in mind and reportedly the Carolina job taken as well, here are the odds on Cowher with the remaining openings and a couple that could be open in 2012 as well.

Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers haven't officially filled the job yet (there are reports it will go to San Diego defensive coordinator Ron Rivera), but even so, it's not an attractive job for Cowher. There's a lot of holes, an awful defense, no quarterback and a possibly stingy owner. It all adds up to no go for Cowher, even if it is close to home.

    Odds: Zero percent

Denver Broncos

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    The Broncos don't have a favorite right now, although they're going to meet with former Panthers head coach John Fox this week. They haven't reached out to Cowher nor has Cowher seemed to reach out to them. Denver isn't in as bad shape as Carolina is, but it still wouldn't be a good fit. 

    Odds: Zero percent

Cleveland Browns

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    Cowher might've been a better fit here because the Browns seem to be looking at bigger name coaches than some other teams. But it's pretty clear that the impending labor talks will have a big impact on what owners will be able to spend, plus the idea of Mike Holmgren possibly waiting in the wings is too much for Cowher.

    Odds: Zero percent

Oakland Raiders

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    Bill Cowher and Al Davis. In a word, not even close to happening. Although it would be an interesting thought to see the two of them reacting.

    Odds: Zero percent

Jacksonville Jaguars (2012)

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    Jack Del Rio seems to have gotten one last chance in Jacksonville to try and turn things around. The Jaguars have some pieces and the owner wants to win. Plus a high profile hire like Cowher would bring some validity and legitimacy back to the organization. But unless the Jaguars add some nice pieces, it's probably not happening.

    Odds: 10-15 percent

Houston Texans (2012)

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    Houston was one of the teams on Cowher's list and one of the teams that could very well land Cowher. The Texans have pieces and are not too far off from being a good team, it would just take some personnel changes and improvements on the defensive side. Although what could hold things back would be owner Bob McNair's reluctance to fire head coaches and we don't know how he would take to a high profile coach.

    Odds: 35-45 percent

New York Giants (2012)

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    Out of all the teams listed, the Giants have the best chance to land Cowher. They have the best talent, the most organizational stability and the closest to becoming one of the better teams in their conference. Of course it will depend on what happens next season and whether or not Tom Coughlin is able to save his job again. But should the job become open, then I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen.

    Odds: 55-65 percent