The 25 Sexiest Single Female Athletes in Sports

Jim BerdyszCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2011

The 25 Sexiest Single Female Athletes in Sports

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    Ah yes, single ladies. And not just any single ladies, but rather the hottest 25 single female athletes in sports today. 

    From swimming to softball to snowboarding, these athletes, like many others before them, have truly defined how us fans look at women in sports today.

    These female athletes have either made a name for themselves in sports over the past few years, or are currently active in pursuing their dreams and playing the sports they love.

    Oh yeah, and did I mention they are all single?

    Here now are the sexiest single female athletes in sports. Enjoy.

25. Bridget Dwyer (Golf)

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    Age: 30

    A native of Hawaii, Dwyer attended UCLA and was a part of the women's championship golf team in 2004. 

    You may know the professional golfer from her appearance on the Golf Channel reality show, The Big Break.

24. Sasha Cohen (Figure Skating)

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    Age: 26

    Sasha may have won the silver medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics, but her looks are definitely pure gold.

    Arguably one of the best young U.S. figure skaters in recent years, she can make even the manliest of young men tune in to watch her skate. 

23. Nicole Hage (Golf)

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    Age: 25

    A former Auburn Tiger and now LPGA golfer, Nicole Hage has been a part of the U.S. Women's Open five times in her career. 

    I honestly probably don't even have to ask how many of us would want share that golf cart with her.

22. Shelby Shipley (Basketball)

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    Age: 20

    If you guessed Shelby was related to current Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley, then you guessed right. 

    Shelby, Jordan's little sister, currently plays basketball at Abilene Christian University.

    After seeing her, I'm sure many fans out there have quickly joined the Shipley bandwagon.

21. Beatriz Recari (Golf)

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    Age: 23

    Well if you didn't know the name Beatriz you probably will now.

    A native of Spain, Beatriz Recari started her rookie season as a LPGA golfer in 2010. Being just 23 years old, she could very well be in line for a long career. 

20. Allison Baver (Speed Skating)

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    Age: 30

    Speed skating babe Allison Baver sped home with the bronze medal after she and her teammates placed third in the 3,000-meter relay at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    I kind of get a sense after hearing about Allison many fans will now associate the word speed with this sexy skater. Me being one of them.

19. Paula Creamer (Golf)

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    Age: 24

    Current LPGA golfer and U.S. Open champion. What's more to ask from Paula Creamer?

    Nothing, which is why she ranks as the sexiest golfer on the list. Well deserved, I must say.

18. Meghan Gardler (Basketball)

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    Age: 22

    What a cute smile.

    And why wouldn't Meghan be smiling? She was part of UConn women's basketball's magical run the past two seasons. 

    Her team went undefeated twice during her playing days at UConn, and easily won the national championship in 2009 and 2010. 

17. Tanith Belbin (Figure Skating)

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    Age: 26

    Tanith Belbin: a five-time U.S. champion, a silver medalist at the 2006 Olympics, and a sexy body from head-to-toe.

    'Nuff said. 

16. Ali Watt (Basketball)

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    Age: 27

    You know how at the beginning of a basketball game you and your teammates go on the court and choose the guy or girl on the opposing team that you want to guard?

    Who wouldn't want to guard the former Georgia Bulldog Ali Watt?

    Now that would be a dream.

15. Katelin Swift (Soccer)

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    Age: 22

    Mia Hamm who?

    Former University of North Flordia student and sexy soccer star Katelin Swift scored 22 goals in 57 career games during her time as a student-athlete.

    Now the former athlete has become focused on being a model. I honestly don't think their is a person out there who wouldn't give her praise for that.

    More please! 

14. Stephanie Rice (Swimming)

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    Age: 22

    The Australian accent is beautiful. So is three-time gold medalist Stephanie Rice.

    The Austrailan Olympic swimmer also holds the world record for the 400-meter individual medley. Lets all hope she stays "individual" for a little while longer, if you know what I mean.

13. Kiira Korpi (Figure Skating)

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    Age: 22

    Finland figure skater Kiira Korpi is one of the best young figure skaters in the world. She recently finished first and took home the gold medal in the Finnish championships.

    Hopefully we will see more of her, but for now she ranks as the hottest figure skater on the list.

12. Maria Kirilenko (Tennis)

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    Age: 23

    Russian tennis hottie and former Sports Illustrated girl Maria Kirilenko.

    I think she unfortunately may be in a relationship, but I couldn't consider skipping this tennis beauty.

11. Amber Tramp (Softball)

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    Age: 23

    Former Ole Miss catcher Amber Tramp set a University of Mississippi record in 2009, after getting hit by 13 pitches.

    Who would want to hit such a beautiful and sexy face like that? I guess those girls must have been jealous.

10. Bianca Cruz (Softball)

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    Age: 27

    Although her playing days may be over, former Arizona State Sun Devil third baseman Bianca Cruz has definitely kept fans wherever she goes. 

    Bianca has virtually become the sexiest softball player on the list after modeling and posing with that rockin' body, which is hotter than the Arizona sun.

    Boy did she knock that one out of the park!

9. Hannah Teter (Snowboarding)

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    Age: 23

    Hannah Teter is more than just your average snowboarder.

    She has won two Olympic medals, including a gold at the 2006 Olympics. Hannah has also been featured in Sports Illustrated and did not disappoint both readers and fans. 

    Look out, her sheer hotness may melt even the deepest of snow. 

8. Christina Vukicevic (Hurdler)

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    Age: 23

    Christina Vukicevic, a native of Norway, has certainly put hurdling back on the map.

    Who wouldn't want to see this sexy star jump over hurdle after hurdle? Or better yet, running toward you? Absolutely amazing.

7. Lauren Santacroce (Tennis)

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    Age: 20

    A standout tennis player currently at Texas A&M University, Lauren certainly does not look like your everyday tennis star. 

    She certainly has my vote for two thumbs up, for being by far the hottest tennis player on the list.

6. Macie Morrow (Softball)

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    Age: 23

    I don't know about you, but I absolutely love hot girls who wear eye black.

    Former Texas A&M softball star Macie Morrow wearing eye black? Now that's hot! 

    It doesn't matter if it's home run derby, fielding practice, running bases or a game of catch, I want Macie Morrow on my team.

5. Clair Bidez (Snowboarding)

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    Age: 23

    It's just unfortunate former Sports Illustrated girl and sexy snowboarder Clair Bidez did not participate in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    She's still young and definitely hot enough to try another run at the slopes the next time around. America will certainly be waiting—to see her in the next Olympics and hopefully in more hot photo shoots.

4. Allison Stokke (Pole Vaulting)

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    Age: 20

    Pole vaulting would almost certainly be less known around the U.S. today if it wasn't for University of California hottie Allison Stokke.

    Her sexiness will easily keep her in the running for hottest female athlete for the next decade.

3. Bia & Branca Feres (Swimming)

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    Ages: 22

    Twins! Do I need to say more?

2. Jessica Gysin (Volleyball)

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    Age: 24

    Jessica Gysin, the former standout USC volleyball star, is aguably the sexiest college athlete over the past decade.

    Hottest beach body of them all—it would be a honor to set her up for a spike, if you ask me.

    I honestly got chills just thinking about sharing the sand with her.

1. Stacy Keibler (Wrestler)

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    Age: 31

    Stacy, Stacy, Stacy. Who else?

    Yes I know it's WWE but lets face it, the definition of sexy and pure hotness begins with Stacy Kiebler. She undoubtedly has my attention whatever she may be doing.

    And yes, she is still 100 percent single! Which to every red-blooded male out there is absolutely amazing, but we'll take it.