Is Mark Cuban Out of the Race To Buy the Chicago Cubs?

mark murrellCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2008

Chi-Ball is speculating that Mark Cuban was never in the running to buy the Cubs. Furthermore, they claim that Zell and the MLB supposedly used Cuban to increase the value of the franchise.

It is a believed by these sources that Zell has used Cuban all along to increase the bidding. The orchestration could have gone as far as inviting Cuban to sit next to Sam Zell’s right-hand man Gerry Spector at a Cubs game in the Tribune seats. A source is quoted as saying "If Mark Cuban didn’t exist, Sam Zell would have made someone like him up, he was a dream come true." "Cuban is not only out of it, he was never in it.”

Supposedly Ricketts is now the leader of the pack, with Canning as the MLB owners' favorite. Something smells fishy about this whole thing.

Cuban is a business man and would not invest time and money to hunt after a venture he did not honestly feel he could acquire. Therefore, Zell (if the aobve speculation is true) must have pulled another unethicl business move to fatten his wallet, Bravo, Zell, Bravo; how does it feel to be a snake?

Until I hear from Mark himself, I view this claim as utter bulls*#%. I need to know Chi-ball's sources.

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