Jeff Jarrett-Kurt Angle Rivalry To Take Turn As Karen Jarrett Preps for TNA

Stuart BroughtonContributor IIIJanuary 10, 2011

Kurt Angle and Ex-Wife Karen
Kurt Angle and Ex-Wife Karen

Recently Kurt Angle has started a feud with former real-life enemy Jeff Jarrett, which culminated in a MMA match at TNA Genesis. The match ended when Jarrett blinded Angle, but the newly set-up rivalry looks likely to continue as Karen Jarrett, Kurt Angle's ex-wife, will appear on this Thursday's TNA. Jeff Jarrett announced that he will leave his brief MMA career, telling Kurt, "Finally, the three of us are going to celebrate together." 

Jeff began his relationship with the then-Karen Angle when she and Kurt were separated, resulting in Jeff being placed on a "leave of absence" by TNA owner Dixie Carter for around six months. Up until recently, Kurt and Jeff were placed into different storylines so that this personal issue wouldn't affect their performances. It seems now that these issues are behind the two stars, as the woman in the middle of the two looks to return to TNA.

So will this turn out to be as heated as the epic Hardy/Lita/Edge storyline? Will Kurt and Karen's child be brought into the action, or will it fizzle into the background of the current Immortals angle? Also, how will the feud continue, seeing as Angle has vowed never to wrestle again? Or will another TNA superstar go back against his retirement from wrestling? Only time will tell.