Ferrari Paid The Leading FIA Representative In the Spa Fiasco.

Ryan WoodAnalyst ISeptember 12, 2008

This headline does have some truth behind it.

Alan Donnelly, the official representative of the FIA President Max Mosley, conducted the interrogation into Lewis Hamilton’s Spa penalty, as well as leading the investigation by the three stewards.

Now, we all know Max Mosley isn’t a fan of McLaren, he publicly accused Ron Dennis of spreading vicious rumours about his Sex-Orgy earlier this year. With his closest ally heading up the investigation, things are starting to look even more dark.

Oh, but wait. Things start to smell even more fishy... more fishy than a fishmongers hand after a 12 hour shift. Alan Donnelly is the Chairman of Sovereign Strategy, a London-based lobbying firm. But why does this make things worse? Well if we take a look at their customer list, it includes companies and organisations like the FIA, Formula One Management Ltd, and Ferrari.

Yes, Ferrari have paid this company to deal with their public policies, as well as other services.

These are two statements taken from their Website:

"Sovereign has built an international reputation for the quality of its strategic advice to global organisations like the FIA. Crucially, Sovereign understands the speed and nature of change in a complex business and political world" - Max Mosley - President, Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile.

"Our experience shows that while many professional advisers make claims - Sovereign delivers" - Bernie Ecclestone - Chief Executive,  Formula One Management Ltd.

Both Max and Bernie are good friends with Alan Donnelly, this shows through them both having made statements on Alan Donnelly’s company site.

So when you are dealing with three companies, all of them paying top dollar for what is im sure a great service, how do you make sure you stay on their side?

What about penalising one of your clients closest title contenders, or maybe hotting-up the F1 world drivers championship and constructors championship, or even basing a decision upon your clients feelings toward a constructor? Hell, why not do all three in one race.

I’d like to end this article on a quote from Surinder Thatthi, you know, that Kenyan guy who was a steward at the Belgium GP, “The British hate me, but I can walk into any Italian restaurant. The Italians love me”.