SEC Speed Kills: Colt Brennan Should Have Worn His Seat Belt

Michael CaissieCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2008

Three and out.

Just like that, it was over after the first offensive drive for Colt Brennan and Hawaii.

Don’t act so surprised. Oh, you’re not? I wasn’t all that shocked either.

Knowshon Moreno found the end zone twice in the first quarter, and the Georgia Bulldogs’ defense looked like they were playing against a high school football team from start to finish Tuesday night in the Sugar Bowl.

Unfortunately for Hawaii—and their Heisman Trophy finalist QB—the Warriors looked nothing like the highest-scoring team in the nation.

With Georgia leading 24-3 at the break, the Bulldogs looked just as poised and ready to start the second half as they did in the first. On Hawaii’s first possession of the second quarter, Brennan was sacked by Roderick Battle, and subsequently picked off by Asher Allen.

Brennan seemed poised to score on his next possession. Unfortunately, his score was for the wrong team.

After dropping back to pass, Brennan was introduced to the soon-to-be-named MVP of the bowl, Marcus Howard.

Blowing right past Hawaii’s overmatched tackle, Howard crushed Brennan, causing the fumble and the ball to find it’s way into the endzone. The Georgia senior promptly followed the way of the ball, providing a defensive touchdown for the Bulldogs.

Brennan’s night, and his college career, would come to an end after being slammed to the ground by Geno Atkins. He made his way to the sideline finishing with an unimpressive line of 22 of 38 for a mere 169 yards, with three INTs, no TDs, and two fumbles lost.

"It was the fastest team I’ve probably ever seen," Brennan said after the game was finally over.

Hawaii would eventually find its way into the correct endzone behind Brennan’s backup Tyler Graunke. His 16-yard touchdown pass to Ryan Grice-Mullen would prove to be as meaningless and as feeble as Hawaii’s entire night.

The Sugar Bowl, and the night, belonged to Howard and the Georgia defense. When it was all said and done, Howard would finish with three sacks, two forced fumbles, and a tip that would aide in a teammate’s interception.

This night showcased the speed and talent of an impressive Georgia team, and certainly reiterates the notion that football is a team sport. As great as Colt Brennan has been, Georgia showed what an entire team of talent can do in the spotlight.

Along with Howard’s MVP performance, the Bulldogs’ D left New Orleans with six takeaways, and some well-deserved respect—not to mention helping to set a new team record for points scored.