Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy: Were You Expecting Them To Retire?

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJanuary 10, 2011

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are both now in TNA.

For those that are blindly loyal to the WWE brand and not the wrestlers themselves, this bit of news is rather unsettling.

To them, it feels as if two of the most popular guys are now playing for the other team.

For those of us that don't view wrestlers as interchangeable puppets, this isn't a surprise whatsoever.

In the United States, there are really only two wrestling companies that you can work for where you can make a decent living and have national exposure.

Ring of Honor has a lot of talented performers, but they're simply not on the national level just yet. That leaves only WWE and TNA as viable options.

Matt is 36 and Jeff is 33. That makes them too old to start a gymnastics career, but for professional wrestling, they still have plenty of years left; they both also still have plenty of passion left for the business as well.

If you're unhappy working for the biggest wrestling company in the country (WWE), then you're going to have to sign with the second largest company (TNA) if you want to keep your career going.

It's simple math really.

Well, simple for those of us that aren't blinded by a misguided sense of loyalty.


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