The Hottest Underboobs in Sports

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 11, 2011

The Hottest Underboobs in Sports

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    Tired of the same old cleavage shots?  Need something new to get you all pumped up about breasts again?

    Boob fans everywhere need not fear, underboobs are here!

    We've collected sexy shots of underboobs from extremely hot women involved in the world of sports.

    WAGs, athletes, reporters, models, as long they're sports-related, they're here and their underboobs are showing.

    Let the underboobs begin!

Here's a Whole Team!

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    Forget about the Lingerie Football League.

    How about the Underboob World Football Association?

    Someone with a lot of guts and money can pull this off.  Sellouts are waiting to happen.

Underboob Goalie

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    This goaltender is clearly trying to distract us by playing sexy instead of playing goalie.

    Damn, it works.

SEC Represents

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    There must be something to the Southeastern Conference.  The women down South love to wear their shirts up high.

Florida Gator

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    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what underboobs are.

    Here's more visual clarification.

25. Soledad Fandino

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    This Argentinian WAG is a hottie.  However, this is not exactly her best photo shoot.

    Nevertheless, the underboob is there for our viewing pleasure.

    Yes, "Peligro" means Caution!

24. Khloe Kardashian

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    The name Kardashian should no longer need any introduction for sports fans.

    Hopefully Khloe's hubby Lamar wasn't around when she decided to flash people from her balcony.

23. Traci Brooks

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    Brooks may be a big bad wrestler, but she can also look sexy when she wants to.

    Especially with this shot of her taking her shirt off.

22. LeeAnn Tweeden

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    LeeAnn is a former Fox Sports correspondent on The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

    She's also former model that has a soft spot for the U.S. military.  Here's her little tribute to the men and women of the military.

21. Torrie Wilson

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    If you want to play with Torrie, you're going to have to get inside a wrestling ring.

    And no, you can't touch the rope.

20. Melina Pitra

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    Melina is an all-around Argentinian beauty.

    But get a load of this, she's been linked to a goalkeeper named Fabian Assmann.


19. Martina Colombari

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    She's an actress that looks great in white tank tops.

    Martina is married to AC Milan defender Alessandro Costacurta.

18. Bianca Cruz

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    Before pursuing a modeling career, Bianca was just an ordinary softball player.

    She played her college ball at Arizona State and then bam she hit a home run by turning into a pro model.

17. Amanda Beard

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    Ms. Beard is the ultimate sports enthusiast's dream.

    She's an Olympic gold medalist and a model.

    Can you say perfect?

16. Rihanna

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    Watch out boys, this WAG is on the loose.

    Rihanna has recently just broken up with her slugger boyfriend Matt Kemp.

    Someone as hot as her can't stay a free agent for that long.

15. Francesca Lodo

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    Lodo love short t-shirts as much as she loves men that play soccer.

    She's been engaged to Fiorentina midfielder Cristiano Zanetti and been rumored to have dated Francesco Coco.

14. Melissa Satta

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    She's giving us a tiny glimpse of some underboob but she's also showing off her legs.

    Women with legs like hers are destined for greatness.

    Satta has been featured in Sports Illustrated and is the girlfriend of soccer player Christian Vieri.

13. Leryn Franco

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    Don't let her sexy photo shoots fool you.  Leryn is a model-athlete with a mean javelin throw.

    Mean enough to get her into the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

12. Arianny Celeste

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    Who's everyone's favorite MMA ring girl?

    That's right—Arianny Celeste.

    Everyone else doesn't come close.

11. Marisa Miller

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    When Marisa tells you to watch football, you listen.

    That's why she's the official NFL spokesperson.

10. Cheryl Cole

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    Pop stars are known for their crazy outfits, and Cheryl Cole, ex-wife of soccer player Ashley Cole, is no different.

    Cheryl's showing us cleavage, abs and underboobs.

    Any complaints?

9. Anna Semenovich

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    This former ice skater turned model turned pop diva is a star in her native Russia.


    Because she's stunning!

8. Roberta Mancino

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    Mancino is known for being quite the daredevil.  She loves skydiving.

    Even in the nude.

    As for boxing, she's both a knockout with her looks and capable of knocking you out with a jab.

7. Abigail Clancy

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    She's the fiancee of Peter Crouch. 

    That's the same Crouch who reportedly cheated on her a few months back.

    Here's Abbey giving us a small glimpse of what's under her t-shirt.

    In case you wanted a closer look, she's also got one with her shirt off.

6. Ilary Blasi

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    Ilary is the bride of Italian soccer player Francesco Totti.

    She's also a former actress, showgirl and model.

    That mean she has to be hot; you don't need to see her face for proof.

5. Victoria Vanucci

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    Although injuries kept Victoria from pursuing a professional tennis career, her back is good enough to carry her on the catwalk.

    Modeling seems to have turned out well for her.

4. Rosaria Cannavo

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    Thank goodness for soccer—the women of world football are just an impressive group.

    Rosaria is a prime example.

    She's been linked to soccer player Christian Panucci.

3. Irina Shayk

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    Irina is the latest trophy girlfriend of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

    If you're hearing news about Ronaldo skipping town to party, that's because he's probably hanging out with her.

2. Gisele Bundchen

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    Gisele is the queen of NFL WAGs and she rightfully deserves a spot at the top of this list as well.

    Hopefully this year, she can finally use her hotness to help Tom Brady win another Super Bowl.

1. Larissa Riquelme

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    Larissa is a sports fan extraordinaire. Only she can successfully pull off showing both cleavage and underboob at the same time.

    She's so passionate about soccer she promised her countrymen that she would streak through the streets of Asuncion in Paraguay if they brought home the World Cup.

    Even though they fell to Spain, Larissa did it anyway.  She streaked!  What a great sport.