WWE : Whatever Happened to the Heels Chico?

ReDevilContributor IIIJanuary 13, 2011

Triple H: The Perfect Bad-Guy
Triple H: The Perfect Bad-Guy

Triple H's music hits and the crowd starts chanting "@$$hole, @$$hole, @$$hole." The Attitude Era was successful because of The Rock and Austin but there is another name that deserves to be in the list and that man is Hunter Hearst Helmsley, The Game, Triple H. Triple H was the epitome of the perfect "bad guy." He used to cheat in his matches but he would come out strong enough for the fans to believe that he could play the game that damn well.

Fast forward 10 years later and we have Sheamus trying to be the big bad-ass in the company. The Celtic Warrior is a good heel but he can be so much better. He has the look and the characteristic to become the perfect heel in the business but there is just a small thing that fails him. And sadly, that small thing makes a huge difference. Sheamus has been the WWE Champion twice. He has taken out Jamie Noble and he was also the reason for Triple H's retirement and still I do not see him as a threat to anything or anyone. Remember " Cena.....Where's Cena's Locker-room?" Sadly, the only time Sheamus actually looked strong was with John Morrison. And it's not just Sheamus who is the victim of WWE's ridicule of the heels.

Anyone remember how Batista's heel run went down? Batista is good when he's good but when he's bad he's better. And by golly was he in the best form of his career. This was who Batista was really meant to be, the perfect bad guy and he was the perfect bad guy, chico. He looked really strong going into WrestleMania but everything fizzled out when he got there. He tapped out, he lost in the most humiliating way in a last man standing match (Last man standing matches are not about creativity, they are about brutality), and lastly he was forced to say "I quit." Are you kidding me? You finally get a guy who is as good as Triple H when it comes to being a heel and still he is completely ridiculed. Granted, he was leaving the company but he could have made good television. Batista's treatment as a heel proves that the WWE goes by the saying "Be Good or Be Gone."

What about The Big Red Machine Kane? Edge kidnaps Paul Bearer and makes Kane cry. Kane, the freak who got his face burnt and whose mere mention would send chills down the spine of everyone who heard it, was crying and begging like a little girl (maybe not like a little girl but still). Would it kill to bring back the "Monster" Kane that walked through everyone after his hideous face was shown on live television? Well he might kill someone but at least then we will have good TV and something decent to watch but I'm sure if the creative gets this idea they will mess it up by having Kane do something that disgraces the entire human race.

Next comes NXT season 1 winner Wade Barrett, the former leader of Nexus. Can you imagine what would have happened if Nexus did win at SummerSlam and they took control of Monday Night RAW and the WWE? The inmates running the asylum. Well can you imagine? Of course not because it didn't happen. But what did happen was Wade Barrett got buried and demoted to Friday Night SmackDown. And what about his group? CM Punk is the new leader, which is a good thing. But Monday night we heard John Cena say "he was gonna whoop some ass" but before that he apologized for the profanity. What a good role model. Anyway, so since Cena is all serious now guess who gets buried next, again?

This is one of the few things that TNA has done very well. The heels are strong and believable. WWE needs some strong heels. The Miz is the only good heel I see in the WWE right now and that's only because of his matches against Morrison and Jerry "The King" Lawler. The WWE needs some strong heels that can actually beat the good guys once in a while. They might not sell t-shirts or armbands but they sure as hell can sell out arenas.