This Needs To Happen Before an NCAA College Football Playoff

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This Needs To Happen Before an NCAA College Football Playoff
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The first step to improving College football

The chants for a playoff system grower louder and louder with each passing season and rightly so, yet again the season will finish will two undefeated teams and a champion only decided on paper.

In the calls for a playoff system, people miss what should be the first step. 

Before a playoff system is implemented, the current scheduling system in college football needs to be fixed.  Looking at the six BCS conference champs shows that their non conference schedules are rather weak. 

Combined, the teams that these BCS teams played during their non conference schedule boast a paltry 42 percent win percentage.  The non conference teams of Auburn and Oregon, the two teams playing for the national championship, only have a 35 percent win percentage.

Does it really excite anyone to watch these teams play some community college only to blow them out 60-0?

The schedules can be fixed in a few easy steps.  The rankings would be based on the results from the previous year.

To start with, teams not in a conference better get into one.  There is no guarantee that they will be able have enough games unless they are in a conference.  Also, one team from a lower division would need to move up, making 120 teams.

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