Kansas City Chiefs Lose (Badly) to the Baltimore Ravens: Matt Cassel NeedsTo Go

Josh GreggContributor IJanuary 9, 2011

The Kansas City Chiefs came up short in a physical game with the Baltimore Ravens.
The Kansas City Chiefs came up short in a physical game with the Baltimore Ravens.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

That sucked.

The Chiefs made it back to a Wild Card game for the first time since 2006, and they put a terrible product on the field. KC fans sure as hell deserve more than they got Sunday afternoon when their team lost miserably to the Baltimore Ravens. Every Kansas City fan has the right to be pissed off. This fanbase has been through too much losing throughout this decade to have to be subjected to watching such a horrific performance.

Nothing worked.

The Chiefs had a great first quarter, and as if a 7-3 lead was enough to win, the Chiefs tried to sit on it for the duration of the game. Where was Jamaal Charles in the second half? Where was Dwayne Bowe for the ENTIRE game? How could Kansas City (who had 14 turnovers during the 16-game regular season) set a franchise playoff record with five turnovers against the Ravens? What heartache!

There are FAR MORE questions than answers. We both watched the same game, and we're both angry and dumbfounded for the following reasons:

  • The Chiefs were dominated in time of possession, KC (18:16) to BAL (41:05).
  • Joe Flacco found the right time to serve up the best postseason game of his young career (25/34, 265 yds, two TD).
  • The KC defense (if that's what you want to call it) made Todd Heap look like a Pro-Bowl tight end (Heap caught 10 balls for 108 yards).
  • Baltimore torched KC with passes over the middle during the entire game.
  • Matt Cassel isn't the big-time QB that Kansas City NEEDS to succeed in the future (9/18, 70 yds, three INT).

Let's talk about that last one: Matt Cassel. The Chiefs brass owe it to the fans to take some time to seriously evaluate what they have at the QB position going forward. Cassel filled in for an injured Tom Brady two years ago on a Patriots team stacked with talent, and he did an admirable job. However, Cassel hasn't been able to capture that magic during his time with Kansas City.

The Chiefs need to get back to work and draft another receiver who will complement Dwayne Bowe. They also need to consider trading for or possibly drafting another QB who has what it takes to win the big ones for the Chiefs.

The stats look terrible, but this game WAS winnable for KC. One thing that stood out the most to me (and there were quite a few things) was how Cassel didn't execute in the clutch. The pieces are in place for KC to return to the playoffs next year. They won't miss Charlie Weis next year, but they will miss having a top-caliber QB.

I'm just not sold on Cassel as being "the guy" in KC. Are you?