Why Hate on Other Teams and Their Fans? Grow Up and Become a True Fan!

Zachary WishnovContributor ISeptember 11, 2008

Being a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I hear a bunch of things day in and day out. "They suck!" "You'll never win a Super Bowl!" "F*** the Eagles!" Because I have become accustomed to hearing these attacks on my team, I have the ability to not listen to them any longer.

I ignore them and go about my life. Today, though, someone really got to me. I was reading about my beloved Eagles on Philadelphiaeagles.com when a comment got me beet red.

The comment read, "Are you idiots up there in do-do bird country that stupid? I mean serious, you bring up a 10 to 6 win in Dallas last season in which the Boys had nothing to play for a real game. Everything was already wrapped up so why go out and try. Early in the season when the Boys beat the crap out of your beloved birds in your back yard what did the great Philly fans do? You idiots started to boo your own team."

"I am not sure where you people are from but where I am from that is called a fair weather fan. By the way I am from Philly, born and raised but could not stand being around a bunch of cry babies who boo their own team when things are bad and act like you love your team when and only when they are winning."

"So let me say this again, DALLAS will win on Mon. with a score of 27 to 10 then you idiots can start talking about how you could have won week 2 but you had to play the BOYS in DALLAS and that is not fair."

This comment was unprovoked in all ways shapes and forms—truly uncalled for. In my opinion, the reasons why this was uncalled for are as follows:

1. It has been one week into the season. How are you supposed to trash talk after one week?

2. How are you going to call fans idiots? Everyone who writes something states their opinion, which isn't an act of idiocy.

3. He sounds like he has an IQ of 13 by using the phrase "do-do bird country" and by using the word "idiot" three times. You can't think of any more insults than idiot?

4. NEVER EVER EVER call a Philadelphia Eagles fan or any other fan for that matter a fair-weather fan. If you said that to a face in Philly, they would get their friends and beat the living crap out of you. (Seriously though, crap would come out of your orifices).

5. He wrote all of this stuff on a Philadelphia Eagles website! Who does that??? Why was he even on the site in the first place?

Honestly, there are more than five reasons why this source should not have said these things, but there isn't enough time in a lifetime to discuss them all. I mean, how immature and afraid could one possibly be to trash talk on another team's site after only one week, where his team beat a Cleveland team with one of the worst defenses in the league?

Listen, when I am watching this game Monday night, I will be yelling at the TV just like everyone else. I will want Lito Sheppard to break both of Terrell Owens' legs and eat them like mutated turkey legs at Disney World.

I will want a huge hit on Tony Romo, so the ball comes loose and he forgets where he is. The difference is, I still respect the Cowboys. The only Cowboy I don't respect is T.O., for obvious reasons. I do not trash talk unless I am provoked because simply put, any team can win any game in the NFL.

A prime example is last February. Who would have thought the New York Giants could beat the undefeated New England Patriots? NO ONE!!! You know what happens when you trash talk? Your team will eventually lose and you will look like a complete sh**head who doesn't know the difference between football and tennis.

I do not understand why people hate on other fans. I understand we all have a passion for the game, but with passion comes respect. If I was raised to be a Giants or Cowboys fan, I would love that team.

If anything, by bashing other fans, you are bashing their beliefs, passions, and for the truly obsessed and crazed fans, religions.

All I ask is for you to ask yourself a few questions. Why am I a fan of this particular team? What does trash talking do? And what did the other team do to me? Show respect for your rivals, and if someone starts talkin' trash, do what I do, smile and say, "We'll see."


SOME EXTRA NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. I thought Terrell Owens matured since being in Dallas until today...Why would he start saying more crap about McNabb and the Eagles? I mean come on! Get a life T.O. and grow up!

2. If you were wondering what I wrote back to that crazy Dallas fan, I simply called him out as being a terrible fan, cursed him out, and then said get the hell off of my team's site.