We Have a Brand New Game to Play

EndZonerContributor ISeptember 11, 2008

The Raiders played a very forgettable game last Monday.  And forgetting that game is what they need to do.  Don't look back.  Just look forward.  And another divisional foe is who we have to look forward to.  Kansas City, MO is the place to be this Sunday morning.

As loud as anywhere in the league, Arrowhead Stadium has been a house of horrors for the Raiders through the years. Although they did taste victory in last season's visit.  The Chiefs have bragging rights in the all-time series with the Silver and Black.  They are the only original AFL franchise that can stake that claim. 

There are things that we need to do this week.  First and foremost, this team needs to keep their faith in each other and do their jobs.  Keep your composure.  Minimize mistakes. 

When the offense has the ball, we want to play keep away.  Run, run and run more.  The longer we keep the KC defense on the field, the better our chances.  To do that we need to convert on third down.  Third and short and third and long.  Third down conversions save an offense. 

It is absolutely imperative that we come out and do our best to neutralize this crowd.  We need to commit no stupid penalties.  No false starts with the crowd noise.  The o-line needs to set the tone by finishing their blocks. 

Play to the whistle and minimize mistakes.  Jamarcus needs to take control of the tempo of this offense.  If the defense is huffing and puffing, they cannot make fight off blocks and make tackles.

When the defense is on the field, we need to know our jobs and do them.  Get pressure to the QB.  Huard needs to get a LOT dirtier than Cutler did.  The corners need to shut down the outside. 

Please no Tony Gonzalez highlight show, either.  Contain Larry Johnson.  Just as important as the 3rd down conversion is for the offense, the third down stop is for the defense.  Stop them on third and go rest on the sideline. 

Special teams need to step up.  Kickoff returns past the 25.  Form a good wedge and get JLH out in space where his speed kills. Maybe JLH can break one.  Solid coverage on punts.  On your return blocking, don't hit him if you can read his name.   Good crisp longsnaps from Condo. 

Overall, what this team needs to do is keep their heads about them and play solid football.  Block.  Tackle.  Execute. These teams combine for a total of 15 straight losses, so something has to give us hope. Most of all, this team needs to come out and play their game.  Do what they do best and keep the Chiefs' losing streak alive.