Charger Coach Norv Turner's Newest Nightmare

William LippContributor ISeptember 11, 2008

Some coaches stay up all night worrying about the next day's game.  Dick Vermeil was famous for working himself into a panic attack, and since he left the league nobody has filled his worrying shoes.  Until maybe now, Norv Turner has to see his potential Super Bowl challengers going down the drain.

But really, why should Norv Turner worry? They started out slow last year and won the division pretty easily.

Instead of rolling through the supposedly weak AFC West, the Chargers now have to worry about the Denver BroncosJay Cutler picked apart the Oakland defense last Monday night, and new comer, Eddie Royal, looked inhuman.

In the meantime, San Diego's own inhuman specimen is out for the year.  Shawne Merriman decided he needed to get his bum knee fixed and was put on the injured reserve this week.  Not that it really mattered because the Dallas Cowboys did whatever they wanted to the Chargers last weekend.

Along with Cutler and Royal, the Broncos get Brandon Marshall back from his one game suspension.  Marshall was fifth in the league last year amongst wide receivers with 102 receptions and 1,325 yards.  Can Antonio Cromartie and Quentin Jammer hold back the tandem of Marshall and Royal? And say they do manage them, who will stop Stokley?  Stokley looked like his leg was finally healed, and he was almost the player he was with the Colts.

Sleep well Norv Turner, because when Saturday night rolls around and you fly in to Denver, you won't.