An X-Division For The WWE

FlyjinCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2008

This is probably something that will never happen, yet I can't help but wish that it would. Ever since the Cruiserweight Championship belt was vacated last year I can't help but notice that the "cruiserweights" have been severely misused. Yea sure there are some exceptions with ex-cruiswerweight champs such as Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio winning major titles after the fact. But lets face it, that doesn't happen to often.

Now let me point out what I'm talking about. A perfect example is Paul London and Brian Kendrick. After loosing the Tag-Team gold in 2007, they basically were nothing more than jobbers to the higher weight classes, we watched how they were mercilessly beaten Umaga in a two-on-one match, and how Kendrick would lose week after week in singles matches.

Its not until Kendrick left to smackdown and started a heel gimmick known as "The Brian Kendrick" has he gotten any sort of attention. But did you guys see him in Unforgiven? Near the end of the match he became nothing more than a human punching bag for HHH and Jeff Hardy. Of course he wasn't going to win the match, hes way to small to be holding a major title, but there's the problem, and that seems to be the same story for every guy who weighs under 240.

C.M. Punk won the world heavyweight championship only to look like a "punk," consistently getting his butt handed to him by the likes of Batista. Now he lost his title without even being in the match. What kind of title run was that anyways?

The same with Rey Mysterio, he even stated himself in an interview with THE SUN that he lost more matches as champ than he did without the gold. But with him winning the title, what was everyone's complaint? "Its the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP belt, and hes not a heavywieght."

So does that mean just because he isn't the size of Batista, he doesn't deserve to hold a major title? Not that saying the Cruiserweight Belt was major, but at least the smaller guys could hold a belt without having to need a partner and only go for the Tag-Team belts.

Still everyone is tired of the whole under-dog type story that they gives these guys, so why do they continue to do it? So this is what I was thinking. Perhaps the WWE should create an X-Division-esque type belt for the light weights. Something that they can really hype up and make the light weights proud to hold.

With so many fantastic high-flying talents in the WWE, it is sure to be a hit. With the likes of Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Jeff & Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, and even C.M. Punk, it would be awesome to watch.

I personally would tune in just to watch them go at it, flying everywhere, landing amazing acrobatic moves. Well that's my opinion. What do ya'll think?