Trap game

Bleacher ReportContributor ISeptember 11, 2008

    The Wisconsin Badgers had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they scheduled this game. The Badgers have to travel into the 21 ranked dawgs house this weekend in mid 90's at kickoff.

    Fresno State shows a challenge that no other non-bcs team can. They played there worse possible football on the road against Rugters....and they still won. They have been in this big game situations often over the last decade. Fresno State has beaten 13 BCS teams since 1998, they have even beat the badgers in this span.

    If Fresno wants to win they game they have to hold PJ Hill under 125 yards. The Badgers have not shown that they can throw the ball yet and if u slow down Pj the Badgers can't score more than 17 points.

   On Offence they will need to attack through the air. The Badgers are weak and inexperience down field. If they can throw for 200 yards in the first half there run game will open up. If they Run the Ball through the pass game and Slow down Pj Hill. Fresno State will upset the Wisconsin Badgers 27-21, and get there 14th win against a BCS school in the last decade.


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