Week 2 NFL Predictions

Michael GlaessnerCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2008

This is maybe the defining image of the 2008 season and we're just one week in. Tom Brady dropping back to throw like he did throughout the 2007 season, slinging one deep to his favorite target, Randy Moss. Then, something went horribly wrong. Bernard Pollard, who was just trying to make a play on the ball, hit Brady below the knee. Brady doubled over in pain and let out a scream that signified the inevitable. He was done for the season and the Lombardi trophy is now up for grabs.

Oakland at Kansas City

Line: Chiefs by 3

In other injury news, the Chiefs' Brodie Croyle will me MIA for a few weeks with a separated shoulder. Only in this circumstance, the Chiefs might be better off with the backup as opposed to the starter. Damon Huard had the Chiefs performing reasonably well at 4-3 last year before he gave way to Croyle with an injury of his own. He should just do what Cutler did last week and throw to DeAngelo Hall's side liberally all game long. Chiefs 20, Raiders 13

Tennessee at Cincinnati

Line: Bengals by 1

More injury news on the QB front, this time it's Vince with a strained MCL and a damaged psyche. I think Kerry can hold the fort down while his leg heals and he gets his mind right. Tennessee can stop the run and the Bengals can't, Chris Johnson should be wiping of his cleets after burning the Bengals' D on his way to ROY. Titans 24, Bengals 17

Indianapolis at Minnesota

Line: Colts by 1.5

After watching the Colts get whipped by the Bears, I can safely conclude their problems are significantly worse than originally thought. Their offensive line looked overmatched against the Bears and face another tough D-Line in the Vikings' mammoth front four. The Bears also showed how you can beat Indy, the trick is to run the TE out to block Bob Sanders and keep him out of the play. If they can shield him, "All Day" should still be running the day after Sunday. Vikings 20, Colts 17

New Orleans at Washington

Line: Pick em

Losing Colston will hurt the Saints if they ever get into a shootout, but that probably won't happen against Washington. I also think this would have been worse news if this happened last year, but with Shockey in the middle to occupy LB's and safeties, Brees can still go over the top to Henderson and Patten and go underneath to Reggie whenever he likes. Saints 24, Redskins 10

Green Bay at Detroit

Line: Packers by 3

Well, so much for the alleged improvement of the Lions, as their defense looked overmatched against the Falcons. Things don't get much easier when the Packers come to town with the well-oiled machine they have. Replace Favre with Rodgers, they still don't skip a beat and that's enough to ensure their recent dominance over the Lions continues. Packers 38, Lions 20

Chicago at Carolina

Line: Panthers by 3

So far, the Panthers have proven me a profit, winning Week 1 in San Diego in spectacular fashion with a last second TD pass by Jake Delhomme. The Bears looked impressive too, but this is about destiny. This is about the Panthers redeeming themselves from two SI jinxes (true story, Sports Illustrated had these guys winning the Super Bowl TWO YEARS IN A ROW!!) and proving again that when it comes to calling sleepers, there's Mike, then there's everyone else. Now prowl on to that 11-5 season and that division title Panthers! Panthers 24, Bears 23

New York Giants at St. Louis

Line: Giants by 8.5

The Giants looked like a Super Bowl contender in the first half against Washington, then they took their foot off the gas and still squeezed out a 16-7 win. Those missed scoring opportunities should come to fruition though against a defense that's comically bad. To make matters worse for the Rams, the offense looked brutal in Week 1 against Philly too, and unless the line holds up against the Giants' pass-rush (it won't), they're in for a long day. Giants 31, Rams 7

Buffalo at Jacksonville

Line: Jaguars by 5.5

OK, dare I say it? Yes, the Bills are circling the wagon, all apologies to Mr. Berman. But this team looked much improved in Week 1 as their special teams and defense dominated against the Seahawks. Those are both cornerstones to a successful season. The Jags will have to show a ton of improvement running the ball to break even and could be in for a dogfight against the upstarts from Buffalo. Jaguars 16, Bills 14

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

Line: Bucs by 7

Atlanta's going to be an exciting team this year, no question about it, but they will also go through some growing pains. They may have been able to exploit a weak Detroit defense, but they won't have the same luck against Tampa's experienced D, as Ryan will probably look more like a rookie this week. On a sider, Gruden will probably try out Chris Simms and might even bring Shaun King out of retirement if Griese trips over a black cat in the locker room. Bucs 21, Falcons 7

San Francisco at Seattle

Line: Seahawks by 7

If you are in the Seattle and San Francisco areas and are experiencing technical difficulties with your television, do not be alarmed, the static you are seeing on your screen is just your offense, do not adjust your set. Seahawks 9, 49ers 6

Miami at Arizona

Line: Cardinals by 6.5

If you transported through a time machine 20 years forward to the present and saw this point spread, you'll wonder if Hell froze over and the world went flat. Cardinals 21, Dolphins 17

New England at New York Jets

Line: Jets by 1.5

Before you completely write the Patriots' season off, as many have, it bares reminding that this is how people felt when Drew Bledsoe went down in 2001. The Patriots wound up surging to the Super Bowl with a then-unproven Tom Brady at QB, thanks in large part to their strong defense and mistake-free offense. Last time I checked, Belicheck was still the head coach and no one on this team is irreplaceable, and that includes the reigning-MVP QB coming off a record-setting season. Maybe the Pats won't set passing records this year, but if they stick to the fundamentals, they'll still win games, starting by spoiling Favre's home debut in the Meadowlands. Patriots 19, Jets 14

San Diego at Denver

Line: Chargers by 1.5

I smell an meltdown in San Diego and it's not Ron Burgundy after he got fired and started drinking out of milk cartons. Losing at the horn to the Panthers only to learn that your best pass rusher is out for the year doesn't bode well for team morale. Denver doesn't feel particularly sorry for them after losing the last four games to them, and in Mile High they'll be fired up after an impressive Monday Night victory over the Raiders. Broncos 21, Chargers 19

Pittsburgh at Cleveland

Line: Steelers by 6

Cleveland came out flat against Dallas, but I have a hard time believing they won't show up against long-time rival Pittsburgh. Winning the game, however, would require the offense to play out of their minds, as the defense will have their hands full trying to stop Big Ben and Fast Willie. Steelers 27, Browns 23

Baltimore at Houston

Line: Texans by 4.5

With the threat of Hurricane Ike, this game will be pushed back a day to Monday Night, so if you live in Texas, whether Houston or Dallas is your fix, you won't be disappointed despite a long sports-free weekend. For their sake, I hope Houston comes out and puts up a better effort than last week's embarrassing performance in Pittsburgh. Texans 13, Ravens 10

Philadelphia at Dallas

Line: Cowboys by 7

The Eagles would love nothing more than to come into Texas Stadium and make a statement against Dallas. Both offenses are already in midseason form and both QB's should have big games, but Dallas will outlast Philly as their big offensive line will wear down Philly's front seven in the Texas heat. Cowboys 27, Eagles 24

Week 1 vs Spread 10-6 (10-6)

Week 1 Straight up 10-6 (10-6)