Boston Celtics: How Many All-Star Players Will They Have?

Mike MehtaContributor IIJanuary 7, 2011

The Celtics will invade LA on February 20th
The Celtics will invade LA on February 20th

Since 2002, the Boston Celtics have had at least one team representative during the All-Star festivities.  From Antoine Walker, to Gerald Green winning the dunk contest, to Paul Pierce bringing back the three point shooting crown, Celtics players have always represented the team well.

The All-Star Game this year will take place in the Staples Center, home of the LA Lakers and LA Clippers.  Regardless of being in enemy territory, the Celtics will most likely have another solid team representation.

Point Guard:  Rajon Rondo leads all Eastern Conference point guards, but holds a slim lead over Chicago's Derrick Rose.  Rondo and Rose are both very good players and have developed a great one-on-one rivalry, but it appears that Rondo will win this battle.

Shooting Guard:  Ray Allen is having a great season and trails only Miami's Dwyane Wade for the starter's spot.  Ray has a very comfortable lead over the next Eastern Conference guard and truly deserves to be an All-Star this season.  Hopefully the coaches see that and vote in Ray as a reserve.

Small Forward:  Paul Pierce will return to his home state and in the process, become a nine time All-Star as a Celtic.  He trails only LeBron James at the SF spot.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Pierce try for the All-Star MVP award.

Power Foward:  Kevin Garnett is currently slated as the starter for the East once again this year.  We have all been witnesses to a rejuvenated KG this season, and it's safe to say that KG deserves to be in LA.  However, it would be extremely beneficial for KG (and the Celtics) to sit this game out and enjoy the days off.

Center:  Shaquille O'Neal trails only Dwight Howard in voting at the center position in the East.  Shaq has been a pleasant surprise for the Celts this season and thanks to his popularity, he has garnered a lot of votes.  However, the reserves in the Eastern Conference probably have a better chance of being named an All-Star simply due to the fact that they are more productive than Shaq.

There is the potential that the Celtics could have five players in the All-Star on February 20th.  However, it is highly unlikely.  The most any team has ever had is four All-Stars, which is something the Celtics should be able to match this year.

Coaches for the All-Star Game are determined by whichever team has the most wins two weeks prior to it.  As of right now, Doc Rivers and Eric Spoelstra of the Miami Heat are in a close race for that honor.  Doc has said in the past that he prefers the days off, but Celtics fans are hoping otherwise.

Since All-Star reserves are voted in by the head coach of each conference, Doc could have a chance of becoming the sixth member of the Celtics in the All-Star game.  However, coaches cannot vote for their own players as a reserve, meaning that Doc cannot vote in Pierce, Ray, or Shaq, thus making it unlikely for the Celts to have a record of five All-Stars.

Celtics Side Notes:

Kendrick Perkins has stated that he expects to be ready to play in as early as three weeks.  It's an optimistic timetable and the Celtics will not push any recovery measures.  Perkins says he expects to start right away, but that may be pie in the sky.

Doc Rivers has stated that KG may be ready to play as soon as Monday's (January 10th) game against the Houston Rockets, but might hold off until Wednesday's game against the Sacramento Kings.

Delonte West had this cast removed from his right wrist a few days ago.  He is currently going through rehab and should be ready to play within three to four weeks.