Raikkonen: The In—Lap Master?

Sam ThompsonContributor ISeptember 11, 2008

I'd like to explain that I'm brand new here at Bleacher, and whilst this article doesn't really have a great deal of relevance at the moment, I'm quite curious to see what people think on this. So please, read on...

We've all been watching as Raikkonen has been left behind as the championship really hots up. What has happened to the man? Obviously he's been hampered by a succession of bad qualifying spots and it's apparent he does not like being stuck in the midfield.

It seems not a race goes by where James Allen doesn't mention the fact that Raikkonen is asleep at the wheel and then all of a sudden he wakes up!

Now, I've only been watching F1 since the beginning of 2007 so I do not have a long term picture of Kimi's driving style. I feel quite confident in saying this though, he really seems to come into his element when he knows he has to nail his in—laps/out—laps.

I've seen it so many times now. He'll be lying in second or third, when the man in front pits and his lap times just seem to fall. Obviously there's the bonus of clean air, but for no obvious reason he pulls fastest laps out of the bag on those precious few laps before he pits.

I must admit I'm a big Hamilton fan (notice when I started watching F1?) but I'm not enjoying this current lack of form from Raikkonen. It's the fact that he doesn't seem so excitable on the podium that worries me that he might actually leave the sport for good. So I think I want to see him perform better so I can reassure myself that he won't quit.

Saying this, I would rather see Massa lift the championship trophy in Brazil than Raikkonen (not more than Lewis, obviously) for a number of reasons. Mainly because I think Massa wants it so much having spent a great many years in Schumacher's shadow, and also the fact that he's such an animated bloke too. Secondly, because I've been saying far too often that he's not championship material so I would like to see him prove me wrong.

As I mentioned in an older article, I am new to this and I'mlooking for any constructive criticism people may have, thanks.