Why the Rays will have Home Field

Ryan KContributor ISeptember 11, 2008

The LA Angels beat the Yankees yesterday to capture the AL West and still have the best record in baseball this season but they wont have the best record by the end of the season

Now that LA has made postseason play they can rest some of their stars and while they can take a break the team only a game behind them for the best record needs to keep winning.

Tampa Bay is just 2.5 games ahead of the Red Sox in the AL East and will need to continue their magic until the Red Sox are out of the race and that may come down to the very end of the season.

The Red Sox who lost two of three to the red hot Rays at Fenway this week play another three game set next week in Tampa, then travel north of the border to play the Blue Jays before returning home for the remainder of the regular season.

 This means that the Rays must play as hard as possoble and win as many games the remainder of the season as the Angels can tryout some of their September call-ups. There is no reason why the Rays will not have the best record in baseball the end of the month.