WWE Wrestling Divas: The Definitive Top 25 Hottest Divas Ever

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJanuary 8, 2011

WWE Wrestling Divas: The Definitive Top 25 Hottest Divas Ever

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    Now, I know what you're thinking. A slide-show of divas?!?! YAY!! Well why do you think I made it?

    In any case, there is always a debate on the hottest divas ever to step into WWE. I mean, there have been so many, and it would be "hard on" anyone to make a list of just 25 of the hottest ones.

    Now my list is not an ordered one, so, if you see a diva at 25 and you think she should be higher, fret not, that may not be where I'd place her personally. So, I know you all want to see the list, why are you still reading this? Click to the next page!

#25 Maria

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    Now Maria is an interesting case to me. We've seen her as the ditsy red head on TV, in real life she is actually very smart by the way.

    But we've also seen her with both blond and brunette hair. And she looks great in all three ways. Can you really argue after seeing this pic?

#24 Ashley

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    Next up is Ashley Massaro. Now, this Diva turned survivor, turned stripper, turned entertainer once again, obviously has a massive library of pics.

    But, because I have to follow B/R guidelines, this is the most scandalous pic I could find. Thank you, loopholes!

#23 Miss Elizabeth

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    Known as being mainly a valet in WWE, Miss Elizabeth was a very sexy woman that many men wanted their arm around.

    She is famously known for being Randy Savage's manager, but there was much more to Elizabeth.

    This is one woman I'd love to have back personally; sadly, we'll never get that chance.

#22 Sunny

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    Sunny is very well known in WWE circles, mainly because many credit her and Sable as being the first real "divas" of WWE.

    Sunny is still to this day a beautiful woman and I think she would be a nice pick up for any promotion if she was willing.

    She wasn't a terrible wrestler, and a good valet. And no one can deny that many men in the '90s went to bed thinking about having a Sunny day the next morning.

#21 Mickie James

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    Now Mickie James is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. When she first came into WWE, I thought she was only going to be used for a little while because she had a provocative gimmick.

    Usually those gimmicks seem to die out, and the wrestler is cut. But she was actually very good in the ring, switched into another gimmick and led the Women's Division for years.

    And she was the one many credited for keeping the women's division alive in WWE once Trish Stratus left.

#20 Lita

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    If you can believe it, Lita got hotter as she went on in WWE. For years when she was with The Hardys and just wrestling while being aligned with the pair, she was a very hot woman.

    But once the infamous Love Triangle storyline came about, WWE apparently had her dress like a slut. While fans chanted "slut" a ton at Lita, I don't think any man complained, however.

    If you look at this picture, which she took toward the end of her WWE career, and complain, seriously start to check which sex you like more.

#19 Maryse

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    Gotta be the hottest French-Canadian woman WWE has ever had. Well she is really one of the only, so, it's a small list.

    How about a bigger one, she is one of the hottest woman on the planet today! There, I said it. So sue me! Can you really argue?

#18 Melina

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    You know, Melina is one of the best female wrestlers out there. But, lets not forget how good of a valet she was with MNM.

    I liked MNM, I thought they were a great heel tag team. But, I couldn't help but want to see them lose the titles.

    Why? Because it meant they had to hand over the titles to the other team, taking them away from Mercury, Nitro, and Melina.

    Judging by this picture, I think there needs to be a title change, if you know what I mean.

#17 Kelly Kelly

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    Kelly Kelly, so nice they had to name her twice. She has to be one of the more improved WWE Divas out there.

    When she first arrived, I really couldn't watch a match all that well with her. Now, she's as good as many of the divas.

    I personally think she is not bad in the ring, I'd like to see her more actually. She could be one of the more deserving divas never to hold a title.

    But really, belt or not belt, I just wanna see WWE's Barbie on my TV weekly.

#16 Michelle McCool

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    At the risk of losing my life, I'm just gonna go ahead and ask it.

    Can you honestly be a Deadman with Michelle McCool around? I don't think so!

#15 Layla

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    Ok, I'm just gonna write something here because I know that no one is reading. I love pancakes.

    Don't you love what England produced by the way? And you thought they just had good tea. Psh!

#14 Eve

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    Eve to me is the PG Diva who WWE apparently is putting out more nowadays. You don't see many scandalous pics of her as much as you do other divas.

    But that could be why many men want her. It's what you want, but cannot have, that attracts many men. Which is why Eve is one of the hottest ever.

#13 Brooke Adams

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    Special thanks to Greg Woodson Photography. What? You want me to say more? Like you're reading this anyway.

#12 Candice Michelle

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    Former Women's Champion and Playboy playmate. First made her name with GoDaddy.com, but wasn't bad in the ring with WWE.

    I thought she deserved all she had in WWE. God has truly blessed her......in many ways

#11 Christy Hemme

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    WWE's favorite redhead, how could you not love Christy Hemme.

    Sadly, we don't see her in the ring much anymore. But as a backstage interviewer for TNA, at least we see her weekly.

    Can you be mad about that? I know I can't!

#10 Sable

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    When you think Diva, you think Sable. Just think about how her career started. She was a one time valet for Hunter Heart Helmsley, and many thought that was all she would be.

    Then all of a sudden, we see her more and more. And, she gets respectable in the ring, starts to be a great valet with others, and then we see her in Playboy. What a whirlwind!

    She was gone for a while, but then came back to WWE, where she met her husband, Brock Lesnar. We saw her once again be in Playboy upon her return. And really, we all loved it. Any man who didn't had to be blind.

#9 Tiffany

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    Although her tenure in WWE was short lived, I wanted to put Tiffany on the list. She was one of my favs when she was in WWE.

    I feel Tiffany was let go for a crappy reason really. I mean, how many domestic disputes have we had in wrestling?

    Lets start the petition to bring her back right here and now!

    Hello, are you reading this? Oh yeah, I forgot, a picture is worth a thousand words.

#8 Victoria

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    In all the hustle and bustle of hot women, sometimes we forget about Victoria (now Tara in TNA).

    She has been so good in the ring we really just relate her with being a good in-ring talent, and not eye candy.

    But, I for one think the woman is still a "knockout."

    This pic wasn't taken too long ago by the way, some ladies just get better with age I guess.

#7 Dawn Marie

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    Kind of forgotten diva nowadays is Dawn Marie. We more so relate her with Wrestler's Rescue, but let's not forget her time in wrestling.

    While she didn't stay in WWE for a very long time, her time in the promotion is unforgettable to me. Who can forget her storyline with Torrie Wilson? IMPOSSIBLE!!

#6 Miss Jackie

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    You have to really think about the next woman in the list in Miss Jackie/Jackie Gayda. She is now married to Charlie Haas.

    But we forget her a lot, mainly because she wasn't around for an extremely long time and she wasn't in any marquee storyline that I can think of.

    She is most known for taking off her top on SmackDown as a distraction. But, by the picture, you can't really dispute her being on the list.

#5 The Kat

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    One of the big time '90s Divas was The Kat. Stacy Carter had to be one of the hottest women out there. Why?

    Well, probably because she was one of the first women in WWE to wear scandalous clothing on TV.

    Her outfits were what every man waited for every week to say the least.

#4 Carmella

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    Easily the most forgotten diva of all time is Carmella. But, her hotness cannot be disputed by any. Her popularity was mainly from Playboy when she entered the Diva Search.

    She didn't win, as Christy Hemme won that year. But because of her attitude and appeal, WWE hired her.

    In fact, they gave a chance to many of the Diva Search contestants that year.

    Now she is mainly known for being Jeff Garcia's wife. I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but...she ain't messin' with no broke bro.

#3 Stacy Keibler

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    Now we come to one of the most popular divas in the history of WWE, She had legs that would stop wars and a butt that would start them.

    But, let's not forget her great valet skills. Really, Stacy was only good for eye candy, but what eye candy she was, eh?

#2 Torrie Wilson

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    Another very popular WWE Diva is Torrie Wilson. She was in some of the most provocative WWE storylines in it's history, and we thank her for it.

    Sadly she had to retire because of her back, but really, did we have to see her wrestle weekly for her to be a productive person in the business? Heck no! The woman is still smokin' hot.

    It's quite a shame we haven't seen her do more things outside of WWE besides a short-lived Celebrity Survivor program called, "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!"

    As you know, I had quite the library of pics to, well, pick from. Following the B/R rules, I have given you this one. You're welcome, world!

#1 Trish Stratus

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    Now the legit most popular diva ever. Trish Stratus is, in my opinion, the best WWE Diva of all time.

    She has the most Women's Title reigns because she was the best in the business. She started out a simple model but worked her way up and became the greatest.

    Let's not forget others were far better than her at the time she started her run with the Women's Title. But, seven reigns later, she is now the best. And there really is no argument to me.

    She was hot and she could wrestle. And really, that's all you can ask for. Thank you Trish, I mean this in multiple ways.

Special Words

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    Thank you all for reading, and well, looking. You may now go on with your lives and whatever it is you do.

    Oh, and by the way, hope you didn't get caught by your significant other looking at this. If so, whoops!!