NFL Week One: Once the Dust Clears

Joe WillettSenior Writer ISeptember 11, 2008

We've been through Week One already, and it's been tough on a lot of teams and a lot of people. Big upsets and bigger injuries, here is a rundown of what happened in Week One.

The Injuries

- Tom Brady is the most important, and we all know it. The fantasy teams have taken big hits, but the biggest hit is to Patriots fan, who have to rely on the ever faithful, gulp, Matt Cassel.

- Marques Colston has been hailed as a future Hall of Famer if his production continues to progress at a reasonable rate, but he will be sitting four-six weeks due to a thumb injury.

- Vince Young may not be a great QB, and there are now a ton of questions about his mental stability. Hopefully he can get his head cleared while he sits two-four weeks. It helps that he has Kerry Collins, who hit some rough times to help him through this.

- There has been confusion on whether or not Jeff Garcia is ready to play. Brian Griese has been named the starter for Week Two, but Garcia says he is fit and ready to play.

- Shawne Merriman was told by multiple doctors not to play football this season and he defied them, for one week anyway. He is now on injured reserve.

The Upsets

- There were two gigantic upsets of, well, epic proportions. First, the Bears beat the Colts handily, jumping big time on a lot of power rankings and adding some games to potential records.

- The second gigantic upset was the Carolina Panthers knocking off the San Diego Chargers. Jake "Daylight come and you gotta" Delhomme was spectacular, and L.T. was pedestrian in Week One.

- The Raiders had us all fooled, and I was picked them to take the show against the Broncos; boy was I wrong. The Broncos tore apart the Raiders like they were the JV team.

The Big Performances

- Obviously, Michael "The Burner" Turner needs one for this week. 220 yards and two TDs, the man tore up the Lions defense. Then again, it's the Lions defense.

- Donovan McNabb definitely deserves a mention in this section, over 300 yards and three touchdowns, and he sat there on my bench in Fantasy Football.

- Drew Brees also had a big game against the aging, yet stellar, Bucs defense: 343 yards and three TDs.


- Rookies had a big Week One. Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco both lead their teams to opening-week wins, including Ryan's first career pass going 62 yards for a touchdown.

- Aaron Rodgers silenced critics for the first week, being efficient, showing legs, and not making any dumb decisions. Even—gulp—a Favre-like touchdown pass avoiding the sack and slinging it in to a covered receiver.

- The "No Fun League" is in full effect. First, Chad Ocho Cinco needs to pay Reebok $4 million to get his name on his jersey, then Terrell Owens gets a penalty for a celebration that was much tamer than many he has done in the past without penalty.

There you have it, a full collection of the best games, best performances, and big injuries from Week One.

I'm Joe W.

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