The Affliction's Time of Death

Adam SchoonoverCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2008

What is the real cause of Affliction's slow death?

With all the hype and great debate going on throughout the Internet about the UFC /Affliction rivalry how can it be that Affliction already have lost, before the fight really started?

Answer: Donald (my wig is fooling no one) Trump.

When Affliction was promoting their first event, Donald (I married my daughter’s Malibu Barbie) Trump went on live radio and saying that they had sold out of tickets when in fact there were thousands left. And whose bright idea was it to have Mega Death and fire works, (because we all know MMA fan are wrestling fans)? Once again Donald (I want to be the white P Diddy) Trump.

The fact is Affliction was spending money they didn’t have to try and meet the UFC head on. This is what Donald (I’ve gone bankrupted before) Trump has always done. He tries to go bigger and better than anyone else without knowing anything about it. Let's face it, Affliction the t-shirt company would have never tried this without him. Last I checked, Tap Out didn't try this and they out sold Affliction three to one.

As long as Donald (the MMA KILLER) Trump continues making the comments and decisions he has been he will only speed up the process. Affliction needs to fix their pay rates and start with smaller events to build up to the big events, but there is no way The MMA Killer will let them.

With the cancellation of there Oct. pay-per view will we really ever see a second Affliction event? I’m the first to say I’m not a big Affliction fan and was disappointed with their pay-per view, but I had hoped for a longer rivalry than this.

Now what will Fedor and the other fighters do? Where will they look for jobs? Who in this world of MMA can hire them? WHO? Oh yeah the UFC baby!