25 Crazy Hot Women And The Games They Love To Play

David RushCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2011

25 Crazy Hot Women And The Games They Love To Play

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    What happens when you take one the world's hottest women and you turn her into a buddy you can play catch with after a steamy session indoors? 

    Why, you get down on your knees and thank god that he ever had the forethought to combine such an appealing mix of attributes.

    Here's a superb list of double agents, they may be a little beyond your grasp but at least you can hit the old lady up with a "hey, if she can do it, why can't you?"  


Pam Anderson

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    This is heyday Pam. While she still looks good, we thought what better woman to put into the position of Head Coach. 

    I mean if Pam Anderson can't tell you a thing or two about getting around block, who can?

Brooke Burke

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    Clearly there's only one spot on the field for a woman of Brooke's myriad talent and accomplishments.


Kim Kardashian

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    This one's a no brainer considering Kim's familiarity with the gridiron.

    Tight End.

Vida Guerra

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    Catcher! All she needs is the mask and Vida is ready to go!

Sameera Reddy, Bollywood Film Star

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    Bollywood hottie, Sameera Reddy, will immediately turn red-blooded American males into Cricket fans!

Britain's Sexiest Woman Alive

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    Just picture Cheryl with a cue in her hand, adroitly surveying the table. Then she leans over, makes her best preparations, extends the initial stretch even further to get into perfect position—and what else,  the cameraman drops dead of a heart attack!

    It's Snooker of course! 

Jessica Biel

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    Knife throwing. 

    Would you let her?

Kelly Brook

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    Anything involving a pole or a mat.

Eva Gonzales

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    Distance Swimming. (When we said fields of play we didn't mean only the grassy types.) 

    How long could you stay in the pool with Eva?

Danielle Lloyd

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    Competitive Yachting. 

    What's competitive yachting? 

    Well it takes a long time so you can spend hours querying Danielle on the subject.

Jessica Alba

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    Indy Driver. 

    Alba clearly has an inherent familiarity with raceway curves, and it's definitely time the world of Indy Racing went in for a significant upgrade over Danica Patrick. 

Larissa Riquelme

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    This one's a no brainer. 


Elena Barolo

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    Figure Skater.

    Elena's already got the figure and the outfit!

Francesca Loda

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    Nude skin diver. 

    If it's not a real sport, it should be!

Laura Cover

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    Put it in any context you want.

Michelle McCool

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    Two guard. 

    You better D up!

Jennifer Walcott

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    Stock Car Driver. 

    Because it sounds right.

Heidi Klum

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    Anything she wants to be. We'll follow.

Tami Donaldson

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    Third base. 

    Where else but the hot corner?

Julia Schultz

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    Lingerie League Football.

    Does this really require an explanation?

Lisa Degen

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    Javelin Thrower. 

    It's a sport that requires a retriever.

Marikym Hervieux

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    Right Wing. 

    This Montreal native can fly!

Zaira Nara

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    Center Forward. 

    And you can be Zaira's wing man.

Lorena Bernal

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    Cliff Diver, or better yet, Rock Climber. 

    That way somebodies got to watch Lorena's tail.

Tamara Marie

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    Just stand well behind Tamara when she's had too much to drink. 


    That's it for today,