Brock Lesnar: His New Book A Bit Premature

Roland RisoContributor IJanuary 7, 2011

I love "Rocky" films.  Every single one of them.  I enjoy the sheer genuineness and authentic simplicity of Balboa, and his utter determination to overcome the obstacles.  

For some reason, the storyline never gets old for me.  Though the fiction of such drama is quite intriguing, the reality of an equal tale is much more compelling.

Brock Lesnar’s new book, "Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival", is currently scheduled to be released on April 19, according to  Though many may find his life story interesting, the present ending doesn't seem as captivating as it could be, and is in need of a revision.

As a collegiate wrestling champion, WWE icon and former UFC champion, Mr. Lesnar's achievements are quite impressive.  In fact, extremely impressive.  But releasing such book, after a devastating loss to a formidable Cain Velasquez, doesn't seem quite fitting.

Imagine Brock winning his next three or four fights and earning himself a title shot.  Imagine the enduring pain and uphill battles he encounters, as he slowly steps higher and higher up the UFC heavyweight food chain, putting himself in a position to attain greatness once again.  Though the entire MMA world counted him out, he fights his way for the rare occasion to face his own Clubber Langs and Ivan Dragos.

With much respect due to Mr. Lesnar, I feel the former champ has the potentiality to get back to the big stage and compete for the title.  Whether it takes a couple of years or less, I just hope he still has the competitive spirit to move forward and become a respectable and complete opponent in MMA.

Upon earning such title shot, it would be a perfect time to share his memoirs with the world.  Because regardless if he wins or loses the title opportunity, it's the climb to the top that will make his story more inspiring.

Since Brock's book release is only a few months away, I patiently await the sequel.