T.O. to get last laugh with the Cowboys

Kody BrannonCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2008

Everybody said bringing T.O. to Dallas was a mistake, well looking back, I would have to disagree. He has done nothing but be a model player, and become a threat on the cowboys. T.O. is at his best right now, and I think he will show Philadelphia this week, what they are truly missing out on.

When he faces off agianst his former team, I know he won't need any motivation to play his best. While there has been talk if he and Donovan have buried the hatchet, All T.O. wants is to best his former QB and be able to say so to his face after the game.

T.O. was the reason the eagles were able to finally make it to the Super Bowl and when they didn't win, he became the fall guy. But Philly should have looked at their quarterback closer. Because since T.O's departure, Philly hasn't been able to replenish that success.

This year the cowboys are favored to win it all, and one of the main reasons is becuase of Terrell Owens. He has become the playmaker on the offensive side of the ball for Tony Romo. And when T.O. is drawing up double coverage, then somebody else is open and makes a play. 

As a fan, I don't understand why they would let such an explosive player go, but their loss is our gain. And when we win the Super Bowl, everybody in Philly will see that they let the wrong player go. So Thank you Philadelphia, Your bone head decision is going to be our sixth super bowl. And yes, T.O. will be one of the reasons we do it.