Buying that #12 Jersey yet? Different perspective on GB's summer drama

Christopher LoyContributor ISeptember 11, 2008

Down late to the Cincinnati Bengals Green Bay fans get a jolt of reality as their #1 Quarterback falls to a season ending injury, the rest is history! Brett Favre became a fan favorite from the very first game that he stepped on the field wearing that green and gold #4 jersey, at least once people understood how to pronounce the kid's name. They had never heard of such a name, and many wondered if this guy's crazy lightning bolt of an arm or gutsy demeanor was what this young team needed.

1993, I remember walking into the local mall, and getting ridiculously excited. I had saved enough money to buy my first NFL player's replica jersey. I knew it was a Packer Jersey I wanted just was not sure as to who. It became a no-brainer when I saw it, hanging on the rack, FAVRE and below it #4. I ponied up the dough and was two feet from the front door and I proudly donned my new prize.

Little did I know, I would have the opportunity to support that team and that player for one half of my life time as it stands. But now, in case you have not heard there is a change in Green Bay, and a new time of uncertainty and possibility is upon the cheese head nation. The question is simple, what jersey number could possibly replace that worn (the 4 on the back is mostly green, and the most people ask who FURVE was because the top of the "A" is gone") beat up jersey.

Who is poised to carry the mantle of this team for at least the next five years, who's shirt do I want to wear? It is always a scary proposition, I once considered buying a Nomar Garciaparra Cub's jersey; that lasted a long time didn't it? Thankfully I did not, but I realize that the time to retire my #4 jersey has led me to a complex and compelling dilemma.  

I have to be able to stand up for my decision, I argued with many a Packer and NFL fan on behalf of my hero, old #4. I defended errant pass after errant pass, and thrust out my chest when yet another come back victory was complete. I even proudly wore it Monday night, in honor of the retirement ceremony that never was. Can I defend Aaron Rodger's yet?

Rodger's had a solid start and eased many fans concerns and unrest which held strong leading into this season. But can one commit after one game, one TD, one Lambeau leap. Maybe next year.

For now, the answer lies in those new personalized NFL Jerseys. Get my name on the back and my old lucky number 13. I will honor my commitment as a fan, and hope that next year Mr. Rodgers gives me the confidence to proudly go into armchair battle with a #12 on my back.

As for that #4 jersey with FURVE on the back, it will never die!