BCS Controversy: What is the Answer?

RyanCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2008

I have to say, as I sit here and watch the final scores from some of the New Year's Day games, I am changing my mind on the bowl system and what it stands for.

I am a Big Ten fan and the Buckeyes are my team, but to let Illinois into the Rose Bowl this year was a complete shame for college football, and all of its fans.

There were other teams that belonged in that game. First, I wish someone would have stood up for Missouri and stated the obvious—they didn't just get snubbed by the BCS, they got screwed. I'm not too certain why everyone jumped off Missouri's bandwagon so quickly after the Big 12 Championship. If you watched their performance against Arkansas, there is no excuse for their absence in the BCS.

Second, the obvious choice to everyone in the country—with the exception of the Rose Bowl Committee—was Georgia to play USC. I can only imagine the hype that game would have created. I am not in favor of a playoff system which gets rid of all the bowls, but I would be in favor of taking the top eight and letting them play. It would look something like this for me.

Rose Bowl: Missouri vs USC

Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs Virginia Tech

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs West Virginia

Orange Bowl: LSU vs Ohio State

Then I would play the Sugar Bowl winner vs, Rose, and the Fiesta Bowl winner vs. Orange, and finally the Championship Game, which could be played at any venue in the country.

This would allow the folks up in the northern regions to enjoy college football championships, and share some of the revenue. It's a true shame that we have a system which only allows the bowls to be played in the warmer climates.

My plan also keeps all of the dot-com bowls alive and well for the teams who fell short of making the Elite Eight.

What is wrong with the Rose Bowl selection committee? Was it not obvious to these brainiacs that Georgia vs. USC was the best possible match-up for their bowl.

I can't see the logic in favoring tradition over talent. Yes, Illinois is on the rise and will one day be an excellent team, but they weren't ready to play that 300-lb gorilla in Pasadena.

I think at least the BCS owes an explanation to the fans, and to the schools, as to why they make their choices. It seems as though there are too many generals and not enough soldiers in college football right now.

Here is my list of things which should be fixed immediately to avoid disaster in the future:

1. Every conference needs to have a championship game, beginning in 2008.

2. Each major conference must play against each other in the beginning of the season, so we have a better basis to set the  polls.

3. The first poll should not come out until Week Five of the season.

4. Replace the BCS with Bowl Playoff Championship. as outlined above.

5. Create a single NCAA Football President to make all the decisions about college football, and take the decisions away from the Conference Presidents, as it is obvious they don't know what is best for the game.


If you have any other great ideas for college football or any other match-ups you would have liked to have seen, let me know so we can discuss it. I held on as long as I could, but the college football gods have spoken, and it is time for change.

If you watched the Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl, you know exactly why.