How NFL Teams Got Their Names

andrewCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2008

Kansas City Chiefs. Dallas Texans owner Lamar Hunt was reluctant to relocate to Kansas City until Mayor H. Roe “Chief” Bartle promised to enlarge the city’s stadium and guarantee high season ticket sales. Hunt showed his appreciation by naming the team after Chief.

Kansas City Chiefs’ original logo (1963-1971)

A chief running with a tomahawk and football across the midwest

Baltimore Ravens. Selected by fans via a telephone poll from a list of 100 NFL-approved names. Baltimore was once the home of poet Edgar Allan Poe, author of “The Raven.”


Minnesota Vikings. Back in the ’60s, then-GM Bert Rose came up with the name as a nod to the area’s large Nordic population.

Vikings original logo (1961-1965)