Vince Young: "What's Wrong with Being a Momma's Boy?"

russ autinCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2008

I thought the NFL was trying to promote family values, and what's more "family friendly" than having a close relationship with your mother? Now call me lame, but her coming to his defense just shows she cares. It also shows that maybe other players struggling to transition to the NFL should seek their mother's help.

Where's Rex Grossman's mom? It seems that if he had a better relationship with her, maybe he would have more confidence. What about Alex Smith? He could use a public hug from his mom right about now. If Matt Leinart spent more of his time in a hot tub beer bonging with his mother instead of with those tramps, he might be starting on Sunday.

What's wrong in the NFL today is the mixed messages it sends. First they say family counts, then when a player show close ties to his mom he's lambasted. I live with my mother. When people find out, they are shocked, but I'm only 46 - plenty of time to spread my wings and leave the nest, so perhaps that's why I can relate.

Now troubled players (to my knowledge) have never had their mother defend them in the press. Pacman Jones, where's your mom?  Chris Henry, where's your mom? The list goes on and on. Maybe if they would spend more time with their moms and less time with hookers and thugs, they would be better off.

In closing, I would like to speak up for the over-protecting mothers out there, like mine (love you Mom). When you spend nine months in her womb, suckle her breast for another five years, you owe her for the rest of your life, and to think that relationship ends when you join the NFL is crazy.