What Went Wrong?

David KuykendallCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2008

Most of college football fans have seen the score of the wvu ecu game and i think i figured out what went wrong in that game so here it is. 1 in the first quarter there were some horrible horrible calls on resulted in a turnover for ecu. When white fumbled for the first time it was one of the worst calls ive seen in my life, when white "fumbled" the first time it should have been ruled out of bounds on the grounds that A the ball was on the ground while he was holding it and B his other hand hit the white out of bounds line before the ball was out of White hand. That caused a big momentum shift the second call was pass interference on a cb for wvu while actually it was the wr who pushed off and no contact was mad e by the cb. all of this caused a bg momentum shift in the first quarter and made it hard for our defense to play man when they would make calls like that. 2 A wvu linebacker hit a ecu player in the head and was his fault but it still gave them a first down and made gave them 15 yds which added to first half troubles. By the second half it was 17 3 and we were obviously having trouble the secondary couldn't cover and our O line wouldn't block we had to make changes. In the 3rd quarter we expected to see the great new schemes Coach Stew had talked about but we never saw it wich worries me deeply knowing your team is down we should have seen man coverage and some trick plays but it was nowhere to be seen. in the end momentum won the game and the Wvu line was not doing anything to help. But there is good news to this loss for one it happened early while it will be hard wvu can get back into national title consideration since there is no dominant team ths year i expect there to be 1 undefeated team at the end of the year and i think it will be ECU since they play in cusa they play no real competition and who knows maby wvu will get a rematch. With AU,CU,Cincy,USF,and UCONN the schedule is tough enough for WVU to climb we just have to get back on course