Cheryl Cole and This Week in World Football WAGs

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistJanuary 6, 2011

Cheryl Cole and This Week in World Football WAGs

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    It's time for your weekly WAG fix! The WAGs of world football have been busy over the holidays, making headlines, taking to Twitter and even finding themselves as newcomers to the wonderful world of wives and girlfriends!

    These 10 lovely ladies have been making serious headlines recently, and we're bringing you all the info you need. Let's begin, shall we?

Cheryl Cole Has a New Boy Toy

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    You all know Cheryl Cole; one of the sexiest WAGs on the planet. Cole was married to Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole, but that marriage ended earlier this year. 

Who Is He?

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    Now, Cheryl is dating Dancing With the Stars dancer Derek Hough. According to reports, Hough and Cole are incredibly happy. 

Ashley Cole's

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    According to The Globe, Ashley was distraught almost to the point of tears when he learned of Cheryl's trip to the States with Hough for New Year's Eve.

    Apparently, he forgot that he was the reason this WAG stunner was back on the market to begin with. 

Hey, a New WAG! Lara Alvarez

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    Alvarez is one of the newest WAGs in the world, as she has just begun dating Sergio Ramos. 

More About Lara Alvarez

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    Unlike many WAGs, Alvarez has a career. She is a sportscaster in Spain, on La Sexta. The Spanish media has been drawing comparisons to another Spanish footballing WAG, Sara Carbonero. 

I Can't See the Comparison

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    I, for one, don't see it. Just because they're both Spanish, brunette sportscasters who are dating soccer players doesn't mean they're similar. Right? 

Sara Carbonero Doesn't Look Like Lara Alvarez

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    See? Sara looks nothing like her. Carbonero is an award-winning sports journalist in Spain, and is dating Iker Casillas. 

Sara Carbonero Can't Talk About Ronaldo

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    That's right; according to soccer gossip blog Kickette, Carabonero is forbidden from talking about Real Madrid megastar, and Iker's teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo. 

    Who imposed this ban? Real Madrid. 

    Let that sink in for a second; a soccer club has banned a reporter from talking about one of the best players in the world. 


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    The ban came down after Carabonero wrote that Ronaldo was selfish (duh), and the club wasn't too pleased with her because of it. 

    I know; I figured it was because Ronaldo tried to get in her pants, too. 

Sylvie Francois Van Der Vaart Wows Us More

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    Van der Vaart has been on every "Hottest WAGs Ever" list since the instant she started dating Dutch footballer Rafael Van der Vaart. And, as you can see here, there's good reason why. 

    But now, we have even more reason to love her. 

Sylvie Francois Van Der Vaart Keeps It Up

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    Let me get this straight; she's beautiful, smart and athletic? Rafael van der Vaart was even luckier than we thought. 

The Truth

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    Odds are good, there was some sort of computer enhancement in that video. But if not, I feel like there have to be some clubs who could use someone like her, right? 

Sophie Reade's Pissed at Boyfriend Balotelli

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    Reade, a former Big Brother winner-turned smoldering WAG, is pissed off. 

    Apparently, boyfriend Mario Balotelli (who also thought he was better than everyone on Earth not named Lionel Messi), was less than faithful after wooing the glamour model who can't keep her clothes on. 

The Plot Thickens

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    As if Balotelli weren't brain-dead enough to cheat on Reade, it gets dumber: He cheated with her best friend. 

    Then again, after the hat, and the, "I'm the greatest in the world (even though I'm not the best at Manchester City)," comments, are we really surprised?

How She Got Back at Him

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    Sophie dealt with it the same way any 21-year-old glamour model without any discernable talents would: She went to Twitter. 

    "Mario Balotelli is a ****er!"

    "Would like to let everyone know that @ FayeEvette is a s*** and slept with the guy I was seeing! What a friend and welcome 2011."

    That'll show him, Sophie. 

Malena Costa In Love

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    Malena is dating Spanish footballer Carlos Puyol, and according to Kickette, the pair are very much in love. 

    Given Puyol's hair, it's no wonder he's so smitten with her. 


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    She may be in love, but according to an interview given to Spanish media, Costa has no plans to marry Puyol right now, contrary to most reports. 

Why Not?

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    When asked about marrying Puyol, Costa simply replied with, “I have not said anything (about a possible wedding) to anyone. It’s an absolute lie. I’m so in love but I’m too young”.

    Seems reasonable, right? She doesn't want to marry him because she's too young. Don't let Puyol hear that, or he'll take them down though; the Barcelona enforcer doesn't mess around. 

Victoria Beckham Had Implants?!

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    I, for one, am shocked. Aren't you shocked that those aren't real?

Don't Worry

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    According to the interview in which she admitted to the implants, Posh also said she had them removed earlier in 2010. So this picture is all natural.

Good for Her

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    I, for one, am thrilled that she doesn't have them anymore. Now she can get back to the Victoria we all know and love. Welcome back to the natural WAG world, Posh. 

A New WAG: Frankie Sandford

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    Frankie Sandford is one of the newest WAGs around. She just started dating footballer Wayne Bridge, after dating pop star Dougie Portner. 

    Any time you go from dating a boy band front man to an English footballer, it's definitely an upgrade. 

Who Is Frankie Sandford?

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    Sandford is the lead singer for the British girl group The Saturdays. 

    I've never heard their music, but I feel like a lot of you will run out and buy their albums now. 

Fun Facts About Her

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    Sandford was supposedly the cause of Ashley Cole's affair that ended his marriage to Cheryl. 

    So we've got both of Ashley's leading ladies on this list. Good thing they're so far apart. 

Irina Shayk Steams Up La Senza

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    Shayk is currently dating serial WAG heartbreaker Cristiano Ronaldo. She's enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of the WAG heap, and even ranks in the top five of the women Ronaldo has dated.

    Most recently, Shayk made headlines thanks to a smoldering photoshoot to promote La Senza lingerie. 


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    I know; more reason to hate Cristiano Ronaldo, right?

How Does This Help La Senza?

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    Are you kidding? Every straight man in Spain just ran out and bought some of this for their significant others. 

    If you're mad at Ronaldo for snagging another world-class WAG, don't worry; he'll break up with her any day now. 

Nina Senicar Dating Marco Borriello?

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    This has been sweeping the WAG world for months, but nothing has been confirmed by either party. Well, now it's official: supermodel Nina Senicar is involved in some way with Roma striker Marco Borriello. Maybe. 

    Either way, it's time to welcome this model into the WAG family. 

Who Is She?

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    Senicar is a swimsuit model from Serbia. She's also on television (why are all Italian models also on TV?), and is now one of the sneakiest WAGs in the bunch. 

Sneaky Business

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    Apparently, neither of them want the media to know about their relationship, which means that the tabloids have known about it since the first time Borriello put them up in the Sheraton in Rome. 

    We don't know much about Senicar, though. The one thing we do know is that she's not big on wearing lots of clothes. 

    Which, might be all Borriello needs to know, too.