Collapsing Cubs?

josh millarSenior Analyst ISeptember 11, 2008

Well it is that time of year, the leaves will soon change colour, the air is crisp. Baseball’s playoffs are near, around the leagues various cities fans anxiously anticipate the postseason.

For cubs Fans though the feeling isn’t the same. The anxiousness is accompanied by a seemingly lingering anxiety. You knew it would come, it has all these many years in fact you can hear the emotional pendulum that is Chicago Cubs baseball.

It starts with anticipation and hope.

Then the team gets off to a nice start this year its best ever. The hope is realized that THIS may be  THE year.

Suddenly Rich Harden Carlos Zambrano and Kerry Wood suffer setbacks. The enthusiasm turns to anxiety, because you’ve lived through disappointment before.

You know its been a good year when Cubs fans panic amidst a 4.5 game lead in the central division, for what has happened is a blessing.

Harden and Zambrano will rest and be fresh when needed. Their replacements gaining seasoned experience.

Its not 1989 or 2003 Will Clark and Steve Bartman are gone.

This Cubs team underachieved in last year’s playoffs. They haven’t forgotten that.

They’ll be in postseason play no doubt.

Will this be THE year? Fasten your seatbelts Cub fans.

To find the answer that will be one special ride.