Cowboys-Eagles: Just another game to the Cowboys fans

Kody BrannonCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2008

If you have been listening to sports talk radio at all this week, surley the subject of the Cowboys and Eagles has come up. While most of the fans in Philly will call this a rivalry game and focus all of their hatred towards Dallas. Most Cowboy fans will look at this game as just another game on the 16 game schedule.

The fact that the media wants to "hype" this match up as a rivalry is just comical to most people in Dallas. In today's NFL, there is no real "rivalry", because there aren't the same players on the roster from one year to the next. It's just the fans who want to get hyped up and make it something bigger than it really is. And for the Cowboy fans, it isn't worth out time.

The Philly fans on the other hand, Go off and act like idiots when you mention the Dallas Cowboys. Heck, Philly has a jail in their stadium. In fact, the Eagles fans are so class-less that when Michael Irvin suffered a serious injury in Philly, The fans booed! Unfortunately for Irvin, that ended his great career. In terms of how fans should act, The Philly fans are on par with soccer hooligans.

If I was Jerry jones, I would put up a "No philly fans banner" around the stadium and make sure none of those hooligans are allowed in. Kids and families go to this game, and what kind of precedent are we setting for the children to let a bunch of drunk,no-class hooligans in our stadium.

Cowboys fans on the other hand are probably the best fans in the league. We go out, support our team, and have a good time watching the Cowboys win. But you will never hear a Cowboys crowd boo an opponent injury. I guess the proof is in the pudding, Cowboys fans are the best, and Philly fans need to be taken out like last weeks trash.