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I don't know how many of you have watched all of the bowl games, but can we finally put to rest all of these arguements over which conference is the best. I know time and time again we find ourselves in a heated debate over why our conference is better than yours. If you really take the time and watch the games you will find that in football on any given day any team can beat any team. I think especially this year that has been proven. I am a proud Buckeye fan, and I really had trouble rooting for Michigan against Florida, but I have become as tired as anyone of hearing the speed arguements, the  Big 10 vs. SEC, speed vs. size. I came away from watching that game and thinking we all have this wrong. Was it me or did Michigan look faster than Florida, and a lot tougher?The arguing,fighting, and bickering has become a way for us to waste our time waiting for the real problem in college football to pull their heads out from their fourth point of contact, the Conference Presidents . I have come to the realization that most of the top teams have talent flowing from top to bottom, it really comes down to how much do you want it. Just look at the bowl games and you see across the board the team that leaves everything they have on that field will usually come out on top. Michigan beats Florida, I did not see many analysts pick the Wolverines in that game, and for the first time this year all the hype about Super Tebow was laid to rest. He had a couple of moments, but for the most part Michigan smacked him in the mouth and he had no answer. The score definently could have been a lot worse, but what I think we learned here is that the Heisman Curse is alive and well, and that no matter who you are on any given day in football you can be defeated. The last point I want to make is that just when you think there is no way way a team can beat another it happens, and we all end up back in the same place again with new ammunition to use against each other. I just hope that someday someone wakes up and sees that the one way to solve all these arguments is not to have a playoff, but to have these big conferences play each other through out the season and settle it on the field. Just imagine next year in the third game of the seson Ohio State travels to Southern Cal to take on the Trojans. That's what we need is more major matchups like that. Imagine LSU coming up to Michigan, Oklahoma vs. Florida, Texas and Virginia Tech. I mean these are the games people want to see. I can imagine many more great matchups I just hope we can quit the arguing on whose conference is the best, who has the most speed and so on and so forth, let's put this  to rest and settle it on the field.  

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