The Biggest Cat Fights in Sports

Bailey BrautiganFeatured ColumnistJanuary 7, 2011

The Biggest Cat Fights in Sports

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    When guys get all heated at a game and start a rumble with some other fans, most of us dismiss it as just a bunch of drunk dudes being stupid.

    But when you throw some ladies into the mix, it's a whole different ballgame.

    Call it what you want: A girl fight, a chick fight or just a good old fashioned cat fight.

    No matter what words you use to describe two lovely (and many times crazy) ladies scratching, clawing and pulling each other's hair out, one thing is for sure.

    We all love a good cat fight.

    And luckily for sports fans, some of the greatest cat fights of all time have happened during sporting events. Whether it's a fight between two angry soccer players or some tipsy football fans, the world of spots has given me plenty of material to work with.

    So here you go, fellas!

    The Best Cat Fights in Sports.

Not a Real Cat Fight

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    Just to clarify, this is not an example of  a real cat fight.

    All the cat fights on this list will be real. Not staged.

    But because I love you guys so much, I'll throw this one in so you can study the differences between a real cat fight and a staged one.

    As many times as necessary.

Lingerie+Football+Cat Fight=Pure Awesomeness

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    As if you didn't already have enough reasons to love the Lingerie Football League, these beautiful ladies suddenly upped the ante.

    Not only did the one girl from the Miami Caliente beat up on other players, but she made that official's day a little less awesome.

    But I guess that's the price you pay when your job is to watch football and stare at half naked chicks all day.

Girls Soccer Cat Fight

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    No, this is not a video of Elizabeth Lambert (although she does appear in it).

    Even though we all secretly love to watch the crazy blonde from the University of New Mexico beat up on some helpless BYU players, Lambert's actions were pretty one-sided (not exactly a cat fight).

    In this video, you'll find that both girls were ready to throw down.

    But I think the brunette got a little more than she bargained for.

    This is exactly why I quit soccer in third grade.

How Much Would You Pay to Fight a Kardashian?

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    As part of some charity fundraiser, Kim Kardashian along with some other members of her family entered into a celebrity boxing tournament.

    Actually, it was more just an excuse for people to pay to kick the crap out of their favorite (or least favorite depending how you look at it) Kardashian.

    The best part is Bruce Jenner laughing his ass off while Kim gets beat up.

    "I've never been hit so hard..."

    What were you expecting, Kim? A pillow fight?

Best. Cat Fight. Ever.

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    When I found this video, I honestly thought about just repeating it about 15 times and calling it a day.

    It is that good.

    Whoever taped this video was definitely at the right place at the right time, and after some editing magic, he turned it into a true masterpiece.

    Please enjoy.

Danica Lays Down the Law...Kind Of

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    I can't help it.

    I love Danica Patrick.

    But I wish she would have put up more of a fight.

    You're really going to let that girl get away with repeatedly throwing stuff at you?

    I'm extremely disappointed, Danica. I expected more from you.

The First of Many, Yankees Fans

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    I promise that I didn't intentionally put so many videos of Yankees fans on this list, but there are quite a few of them out there.

    This fight started off as a cat fight...which is awesome.

    But then the dudes get involved, and it's just a big old mess.

Phillies Fan Street Fight

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    When I first found this video, I could have sworn that it was some sort of semi-organized street fight.

    But no.

    These girls actually got into it in the middle of a crowd of Phillies fans, and everyone just formed a circle around them.

    For some reason, I get the feeling that these chicks have done this before.

Resisting Arrest

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    Normally, a drunk chick giving stadium cops a hard time wouldn't be much of a cat fight.

    But throw in a really drunk chick and a female cop, and it totally counts.

    I'm so happy that fans don't discriminate with the "A**hole" chant, and I'm even more happy that even lady cops resort to hair-pulling in a scuffle.

    It wouldn't be a real cat fight if somebody didn't get her extensions ripped out.

Here We Go Again

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    Is it just me, or do 90 percent of cat fights start with a thrown drink?

    This might not be a big deal to you dudes, but let me explain the whole drink-in-the-face situation when it comes to girls.

    If a guy gets a drink dumped on him, his head is wet for a little bit, but when a girl gets a drink thrown at her, it just ruins her whole night:

    She has to fix her hair, re-do her makeup, call her parole officer...

    It's really just more of a convenience thing.

Aww No She Didn't!

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    Like I said...

    They always start with a thrown drink.

    Stay classy, Ravens fans.

    Stay classy.

Best Silent Film Ever

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    Okay so I was debating putting this video on my list because it doesn't have any sound...

    But then the chick in the blue hat started kicking people, and I was sold.

    She's like a ninja...

    A really sexy ninja.

The Only Reason to Watch the WNBA

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    I was amazed by this video for two reasons:

    1. That WNBA games could be found on television.

    2. That there were so many people in attendance.

    Oh yeah...and there's a fight.

Chicago Should Be Proud

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    In this video, you'll find a group of ladies that don't seem to be paying much attention to the the basketball game.

    But they sure provided some entertainment for the fans around them.

    Now, it's hard to tell who started the fight, but I can tell you one thing:

    I really wouldn't want to mess with that girl in the black Bulls jersey.

    Seriously. She's terrifying.

Florida vs. Georga Cat Fight

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    Did you really expect anything less from a cat fight between Florida and Georgia fans?

    The one blonde girl ends up on the ground about seven times, but she just keeps coming back for more.

    How could Urban Meyer want to give up all this?