Formula One Rules of Formula One Stewards: What needs to be changed?

Luke JohnsonContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

I've been asked the question "Which rules should be changed in F1 after the Lewis Hamilton inccident last weekend?"

My view is that the rules are perfectly fine; it's the people making the decisions that need to shape up or ship out!

I believe that everyone, apart from Ferarri and apparently the stewards, realize that Lewis used a legal manuver on Kimi Raikkonen; he gave the place back and then passed him legally at the next corner.

There have always been conspiracies in F1 and they have never been clearer that in the past two years, where it seems that McLaren have been at the butt of these and a certain red team have got away scott free.


Niki Lauda (F1 legend) said this week "There was no slipstreaming involved, nothing."

"Just think about it: If Lewis had stayed behind Kimi through the chicane, he would have passed him in front of the pits, because Lewis and the McLaren, at that time in the race in the wet, were so much quicker."

"So I do not understand this decision, and it's really bad for the sport because people watching will not watch any more because of this stupid decision."

"I've always said this is bulls**t, that this is a sport and you have to be neutral, but the decision yesterday makes me believe that everyone is watching Ferrari in a positive way and McLaren in a very negative way.

"What developed yesterday is the biggest mess the sport has ever done."