BCS National Championship: 10 Reasons To Watch the Title Game

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIJanuary 5, 2011

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 04:  Quarterback Cam Newton #2 of the Auburn Tigers leads the team out to face the South Carolina Gamecocks during the 2010 SEC Championship at Georgia Dome on December 4, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Dear all,

We know that this is the most anticipated National Championship Game since Texas and USC in 2005.

But just in case you don't want to watch the game, here's 10 reasons why you should (and yes, those Oregon cheerleaders are included!):

1) Cameron Newton: Let's forget his past for two seconds (although no doubt it'll get talked about on College Gameday) and concentrate on the game. This guy has destroyed defenses all season long (some good, some bad). Very quickly, let's look at the stats: 2,589 yards and 28 touchdowns passingand 2,643 yards and 28 touchdowns rushing.

The guy's an absolute freak. He could run through a wall, we think. And very probably, Oregon's defense.

2) LaMichael James: He's got frightening speed. Hey Auburngive him some room and see what will happen.

3) SEC co-eds: God Bless 'Emevery one.

If we're honest, this year's been a poor year for spotting hotties, ESPN cameramen. Some older lady decided she wanted to get on TV and put up a sign that said: "ESPN Cameramen Rule" (or something like that). And she wasn't even a cougar (and believe uscougars exist at SEC games). That's probably because you can't get shots at the top of the stadium, where the students who support the goddamn program are stuck (unless you've got a rich daddy who can afford the ground-level tickets).

Buy a zoom lens, ESPN, and get the shots you've been so, so good at during the season.

4) Awesome mascots: There's something pretty cool about the Eagle coming down with the crowd going wild. And there's something very, very cool about the Oregon Duck, who'll ride in on a motorbike. Anyway, we love them both. The over 6' Auburn Tiger? Compared to LSU's Mike the Tiger?

We don't think so.

5) Oregon's offense: It's not just about LaMichael James.

Oregon's offense is lightning quick and Jeff Maehl has got some fantastic hands. The quarterback, Darron Thomas, is also crazy-good, although he probably doesn't have the pretty power of Newton (although he's quicker).

If they can block out Nick Fairley, then Auburn's got trouble.

6) Nick Fairley: Auburn's defense really isn't much to watch, but we'll throw this one out there: Nick Fairley's a potential top five NFL Draft Pick.

Fairley's been absolutely frightening this year, wriggling out of blocks and absolutely destroying quarterbacks. If Thomas can get away from him, then good luck to him. If not, then ouch. He can be quite dirty too, so watch out!

7) It'll be more exciting than the Super Bowl: Many people will expect New England to absolutely DESTROY their opponents. And quite frankly, so do we. This one's going to be evenand extremely high-scoring. We say the team with the last ball wins. In the Super Bowl, it mightjust mightgo to the fourth quarter.

8) Cam Newton's Dad: He's going to be allowed at the BCS National Championship Gamealthough there's no truth to the rumor that he's trying to sell a tell-all book for a further $200,000—and we'll see an awful lot of him on TV on Monday night.

9) A defense: Any defensive play will be a highlight, guys! And rare! Most of the defensive plays you'll see is guys clutching at air (the Auburn guys) or getting run over by Cameron Newton (which is funny once, but by the 16th time should carry a health warning).

And, of course...

10) The Oregon Cheerleaders: Three words: Thank. You. Jesus.

Anyway, we're pumped. And you should be too.