To Hell With Michigan (updated for Sept.)

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To Hell With Michigan (updated for Sept.)
Come on Michigan fans, know your own damn history. Wolverine fans across the country had a collective pantie bunch over Charlie Weis's stump speech that ended with a seeming low blow at "that team up north."

Here's what Charlie said according to the Detroit Free Press, "And then we'll listen to Michigan have all their excuses as they come running in and saying how they have a new coaching staff and there's changes. To hell with Michigan!"
As you would expect, Skunkbear nation reacted with little thought and much vitriol... using really imaginative slams such as fat jokes and calling him a "Blowhard." Michigan players have been using this as their rallying cry all summer.

It might even seem like a new low in the Notre Dame-Michigan rivalry, except it's not new at all. In fact, the line is a reference to Bo Schembechler. Turns out that Charlie is a better student of Michigan history than the majority of Michigan fans.

As ndoldtown wrote back in 2006, Bo's (he of zero national championships) last public statement about ND was "To Hell with Notre Dame." In fact, he used this phrase often as some Michigan fans know well and used it publicly. In contrast, Charlie used it at a ND only event where such "rally the troops" talks are normal fare and aren't supposed to be made public.
Charlie turned Bo's phrase in an attempt to get the faithful fired up behind closed doors after a lousy season. Oh, the inhumanity.

Bo used the phrase to publicly attack Notre Dame.

There's a chasm of context between the two that puts this "new information" in perspective. Here's how Weis couched it:

"Anyone who is a Michigan fan should know and understand that that comment pays respect to Bo (Schembechler) and his mentality versus when playing an opponent... As a matter of fact, Schembechler's (son) and I had a big chuckle over this in summer during training camp. And we shared a moment that this question would probably be asked on this day. So take it for what it's worth. But I think that's a very respectful comment towards Coach Bo's "To hell with Notre Dame."

So, no, Charlie hasn't reached a new low --- this is Bo's work.

To Hell with Notre Dame, Bo?

No, To Hell with Michigan.

Game on.

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