BIG Win for Michigan and the Big Ten

Jordan FurbeeContributor IJanuary 1, 2008

As an Ohio State fan, your two favorite teams should be the Buckeyes and whoever plays Michigan. However, today I must admit I was rooting for the Maize and Blue. I guess it's better to root for the Big Ten then for the other team that Buckeye Country and I despise.

Michigan was patient, risky, and a bit lucky as they beat the Gators 41-35. I was impressed with the game I saw Michigan playing throughout and thought they would make a respectable showing, especially after Corso predicted a 41-14 loss. (I wonder how he got that?)

But the more and more I watched, the better Michigan played. They made Florida look vulnerable and seemed to provide a formula on how to beat Superman and his teammates. They did this by playing man-to-man coverage instead of the zone defense that killed OSU last year and were able to contain Tebow and his favorite target Harvin very well.

Now wasn't the almighty SEC supposed to be above and beyond better than the "Little Ten"? Weren't they supposed to be superior and "too fast" for the Wolverines, like they were with the Buckeyes? Michigan not only showed that they can compete, but that they really do belong at the top of the polls after an embarrassing season opening loss to App St.

Now it is up to the Buckeyes to beat LSU and help the Big Ten finish this bowl season with a winning record over the SEC. It may not quell the notion that the SEC is better, but it will at least prove that Ohio State and Michigan, along with the rest of the Big Ten, can compete with the best the nation has to offer.