Baseball: The Glue That Held a Nation Together After September 11

Emily DiekelmannCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

It's hard to believe it has been seven years ago today that our country was rocked with one of the worst disasters in history.

Many look back and think what could our government, or we as a country, have done to prevent the terrorist attacks that day from happening, and what can we do to make sure nothing like them occurs again.

While the country paused to recollect itself after September 11, many looked to the world of sports to remind themselves of what is good in this world. One of the sports that had the most impact was baseball.

Whether it was the sight of Mets players wearing New York City police and fire department hats during their first game since the attacks, or Mike Piazza's home run to beat the Braves, America used sports to return to the normalcy that it so badly craved.

Now, seven years later, the sting is still there and, while it might not be as painful, baseball will remind everyone that "We Shall Not Forget," and that those who were tragically lost that day will always be remembered.

Baseball stadiums across the country will have what has become the post-9/11 slogan "We Shall Not Forget" printed on the field, as well as commemorative lineup cards and bases.

Pregame ceremonies will include veterans, members of local law enforcement, and men and women from the armed forces.

Eight years ago, Sept. 11 was just another day on the calendar, but from now on it will be seen as a time when a country was burnt, but rose out of the ashes to be a strong, united nation...that's why we are the United States of America.



*9/11/01—To all those who lost family members, my thoughts and prayers are with you*