Fantasy Vs. Reality...How Fantasy Football Changes The Way We Watch It

Zachary WishnovContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

"NOOOOO!!!!! SON OF A B****!!!!! F***!!!!!! DIE PETERSON DIE!!!!!"

This is what came out of my mouth Monday night with about 3 minutes left in the Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers game.

Why? Because Adrian Peterson scored a touchdown that's why!

Do I hate the Vikings? No. Do I love the Packers? No. Do I have anything against Adrian Peterson or care about the outcome of this game? Hell No. So why am I cursing at the television while throwing my controller at the wall? Two words...Fantasy Football.

Whether you like it or not, playing fantasy football changes the way you watch the NFL in reality.

I am a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan and while this game had nothing to do with my team in the slightest, I sat down for three hours and watched every play. On everyone of those offensive plays for the Vikings, I hoped to god that Adrian Peterson did not touch the ball and if he did, I wished that one of the Packers defensive players would tackle him and than take a buzzsaw to his leg and render him unable to continue the game.

I`m not a mean fan, I wish Peterson the best of luck (as long as it doesnt come against my beloved Eagles.)

The only thing I hoped for this game was either less than 130 yards and no touchdowns, or 1 touchdown and less than 70 yards. If these things were accomplished, I would be sittin' here pretty with a 1-0 start in my fantasy league. Instead, I am 0-1 and furious beyond all belief at how shitty my luck had become.

I can't even begin to explain how unlucky I was in fantasy football this week. But for the sake of this article, I will.

I started both Joseph Addai and Willis McGahee this week as my starters, thinking that the Colts running back is a complete stud and McGahee was probable to play the game.

Apparently, Mcgahee did not play one snap and got me 0 points; Addai barely touched the ball and in the beginning of the 4th quarter, he got knocked on his ass and sat out watching the rest of the game.

He got me 4 points.

A combination of 4 points from my premier runningbacks is ridiculous considering my kicker, Jeff Reed, got me 8 points! Anyway, I was up by 13 points with the Monday Night Football game to be played the next day.

It was happening before my very eyes! What seemed to be the last drive of the game, the Vikings were throwing the ball everytime, trying to frantically score a touchdown.

They threw and threw, with me yelling everytime as they got closer to scoring—meaning Peterson wouldn't get anymore yards until it happened.

On the 3 yard line, they handed it off to Peterson who ran right in for the go ahead, killing of my fantasy weekend. This was his first touch of the drive and it was for a touchdown.

Now do you see why I yelled at the TV?

The point is that I would't have given 3 shits about that game, even if those shits were huge.

Playing fantasy football makes you watch other teams, It makes you research players outside of your regular realm and turns you into a football maniac flipping through channels looking for your players statistics.

Who cares about the St. Louis Rams or the Cincinatti Bungals or the Atlanta Falcons? Besides those particular fans, no one does. But if your fantasy team consists of Torry 'Big Game' Holt, as my friend Adam likes to call him, or Chad Ocho Cinco (Johnson), or Michael Turner, your ass will be superglued to your seat watching every play.

You'll start cheering for those players and teams, causing you to have eight favorite teams instead of one. This is why Fantasy Football changes the way you watch real football and this is why I can't possibly live without it.