Florida Football Snags a Win With Great Conditioning

Justin ThomasContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

   It took 23 years for Florida to snag a victory from the Hurricanes of Miami.  It can be done.  This team, for the majority, is not even old enough to remember a time that Florida Football prevailed against the mighty Canes.  The tides have changed this year.  For Florida fans like myself it was a gripping game.  It was almost scary in comparison to a week before smashing the heads of the Hawaii team, who was once a monstrous passing team, into oblivion.  The Gators held on with defense and special teams in this one.  This kind of football wins championships.  Not to mention if you watch the 4th quarter of the game you can see the conditioning efforts of this coaching staff have paid off.  The Gators looked like they were well into the season with poise and strength in the 4th quarter against a scrappy Miami defense.  They held on and despite Tim Tebow's passion, he was poise in the 4th quarter helping lead his team to victory.  The Heisman winner's numbers may not be like last year but his presence is known on the field.  He had a nice game against the Canes.  To say the least, this Gators team looks good.  They are ready for a tough road through the SEC.  What lies ahead?  Hopefully a championship.  The first stop on the road to this championship is Knoxville, TN.  The Vols may have botched a win in California, but they are always prepared for the Gators and ready to avenge a 59-20 loss in 2007. Hopefully the Gators will play calm and collective in a vicious environment of nearly 109,000 people in Neyland Stadium.  All us Gator fans can hope for is the same poise and strength in a tough 4th against the Vols as they put up against the Canes.