College Football Week 3 Pick 'em

Ron KnabenbauerCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

(13) Kansas 17 at (19) South Florida 27 – Kansas may have had a good season last year, but there is only one way to go after a season like that, down. The Bulls of South Florida were a really good team last year, and I think it will be more of the same this season beginning with Kansas on Friday night.

Nevada 13 at (6) Missouri 41 – I would love to see Nevada beat Missouri, but unlike Kansas, Missouri can back up their season that they had last year. Daniels is a future MVP in the NFL, if he keeps his head straight.

(14) East Carolina 24 at Tulane 14 – After beating Virginia Tech and West Virginia, East Carolina is on the border of being a Top 5 team this season. They should have no problem against Tulane.

(23) UCLA 21 at (15) BYU 27 – It wouldn’t have mattered from what distance Washington kicked the extra point last week, they were going to lose anyways to BYU. The Cougars are a really good team, and even though they face a revamped Bruin squad, I think those boys from Provo will get a win at home.

(2) Georgia 38 at (24) South Carolina 21 – The Bulldogs get their first look at an SEC opponent in the Gamecocks, but I think they’ll prove the pollsters why they were the number one team to start the year.

(3) Ohio State 29 at (1) USC 32 – It’s been called the game of the year, when the Buckeyes head to sunny So Cal to face Pete Carroll’s Trojans. This game will live up to expectations and might be better than the National Championship game later this year. Home field advantage is going to be the key that will help the Trojans beat Ohio State. Also, USC has this guy named Sanchez who is looking like he’ll become a future Carson Palmer or Matt Leinart.

(11) Wisconsin 38 at (21) Fresno State 21 – Fresno State is looking to reclaim their spot on top of the WAC, but it isn’t going to happen this week with Big Ten power Wisconsin coming into Fresno’s dog house.

(25) West Virginia 27 at Colorado 21 – I would love to see the Buffs beat the Mountaineers in front of a primetime audience, but unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen. West Virginia has a possible Heisman candidate in quarterback Pat White, who looks very similar to Donovan McNabb when he played in the Big East. However, West Virginia might not be the team we all thought they were with their loss to ECU last week (or ECU might just be crazy good). I’ll say the Buffs will keep it close but lose in the end. I hope I’m wrong.