Amar'e Stoudemire: Why He Should Win NBA MVP Over LeBron James

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Amar'e Stoudemire: Why He Should Win NBA MVP Over LeBron James
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With the NBA All Star Game a little over a month away, MVP talks have been heating up, and as usual, Lebron James seems to be the favorite. 

When asked his thoughts on the subject, Lebron said it would be unlikely he or Dwayne Wade get it. Anyone can see through this statement and understand that he is not being humble, but instead taking the mentality that the entire world hates him, and that is why he won't get it. 

Let him think what he will, because everyone does hate him. But, the real reason he shouldn't be MVP is because of Amare Stoudemire. 

Lebron James is the best player in the NBA, and the best player usually will win the MVP, but it must be noted also how valuable the player is to his team. In Stoudemire's case, he is the most valuable player to any one team, and he has the skills and numbers to be amongst the top players. 

Amare is second behind Kevin Durant with 26.4 ppg. Lebron is fifth with 24.8. He is 14 overall in rebounds per game and sixth overall in blocks per game. The first and last statistics are the most interesting and shocking, because those categories are usually not dominated by Amare's position of PF. Scoring is usually left up to the guards, and the leading scorers tend to reflect that. Blocking is usually left to centers, and the same can be said here. 

Aside from statistics, which Amare is clearly a leader in many categories; he brings something more to the New York Knicks than just numbers, leadership and hope. 

I know that may sound a little corny, but think back this decade to how the Knicks have fared, not so well. They haven't reached the playoffs since 2004, but there is a genuine optimism and excitement about the Knicks. They are a playoff team again and not just a first round bust, but a contendor.

Sure, they aren't on the level of the Heat or Celtics, but they have contended with these teams, aside from one blowout at the hands of Miami. In two games against the Celtics, the Knicks brought it down to the last minute (literally). They have played well against playoff teams from last year, and as I write this, they are playing well against the Spurs, the best team in the NBA. 

With this all said, Amare obviously has not brought the Knicks back to being contendors on his own. We have seen better play from Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler, and the additions of Roni Turiaf, Landry Fields and Raymond Felton have been pivotal. 

We saw a change in the way voting happens with the Cy Young this year. Felix Hernandez had a record of 13-12 and beat out CC Sabathia who had 21 wins. Hopefully a similar movement will happen this year in the NBA, and Amare will win MVP, because he is the most valuable. 

Update: The Knicks played unbelievably against the Spurs, the best team in the NBA. 

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