Breaking News: Texas/Arkansas postponed due to Hurrican Ike

Kody Brannon@@kodysportskornrCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

Just announced, The game between Texas and Arkansas will be canceled due to the threat of Hurricane Ike. With the threat of Ike coming ashore as a category four and hitting the Austin area around 2pm. The school has decided to postpone this weeks game with Arkansas until September 27th. Which is a date that both schools have a bye week.

While this will pose a a minor inconvenience to fans, It is for the safety of the people evacuating and fans alike. "A football game is less important when you are dealing with the safety of the people of Texas" Said Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds. The time for the new date of the game will be released at a later time.

As one fan who is saddend by this news, I do agree it is for the best. All of our prayers will be with the people evacuating the Texas coast.