NFL Week One: Who's For Real and Who's Not

C KSenior Analyst ISeptember 10, 2008

Every year we have those standout week one players, who play very well and stink it up the rest of the year. They either get hurt, or lose playing time for some reason.

You were probably wondering who was for real this year, and who was not.

Lucky for you, I'm certified to diagnose each player and tell you if they are for real.



Eddie Royal: For real

Royal may not be as impressive as he was on Monday night for the rest of the season, mainly due to the return of Brandon Marshall, but he still has a ton of upside. He's a must start in any league, especially since it seems Cutler seemed to like throwing to Royal.


Hank Baskett:  Not for real

As much as I hate to say it, Hank Baskett's performance was nothing more than a 90 yard touchdown catch and one smaller catch. If you are in a deep league, I would still start him because he is an end zone target and can catch long passes like his last one, but he isn't reliable enough for a start in anything but a deep league.


Matt Forte: For real

There was plenty of hype surrounding Forte going into the season, and he lived up to that hype Sunday night. Forte's performance was something to behold, and look for more of it down the road, especially since he's become their main weapon.


Michael Turner: Tough call, I'll go with for real

With a performance like that, how can you go against it? Expect to see a great season from Turner, especially since Matt Ryan showed a little positive signs, and that could pull some pressure off of Turner.


Donovan McNabb: Not for real

We all know the story with Donovan. He starts out great, but gets injured. And while this was his best opening day since 2004, I don't think it's too promising. There's too big of a chance something goes wrong with him, and he's always too inconsistent. Until he shows me a full healthy year (or a few great games in a row), I'm not buying in him.


Aaron Rodgers: For real

Absolutely for real, no doubt about it in my mind. He came out and impressed the nation, but I knew it was coming. I never doubted him. It's the perfect story, and I think he'll pull off the perfect ending later on as well. Expect great things from Mr. Rodgers.


Willie Parker: Really tough one, I'll say for real

Many did not expect a good season from "Fast" Willie Parker, but he impressed this past weekend, and I will say I was impressed as well. He's a must start unless you have your running back slots filled with top ten backs.


Reggie Bush: Not for real

Ah, the infamous Reggie Bush. Has never really became what he was supposed to be. Granted, he is still pretty young, but he has shown very little upside. Until now. But I'm still not buying it. If he shows me a few more games like this past one, I'll be buying into him all day. But not yet my friend.


Dante Rosario: For real

He's that guy that you may not have known very well, but now you do. I was one of those people, and now I'm a fan of his. I look at him as a big sleeper tight end, who comes out of nowhere to be a big one year wonder. He does play Chicago this week, so I may not start him this week, but further down the line against lesser teams, I would definitely start him.


Last but not least, Devery Henderson: For real

For real, for now. With Colston out, his performance should be even better. Especially since Drew Brees seems to like to throw to him. I wouldn't start him until he shows me one more big game, but if he does go off again this week, I would definitely put him in the receiver spot for week three.


There you have it, my take one who's for real and who's not.

Agree? Disagree?

Let me know, down below.