Superbowl Champs or Chumps?

Matt NewmeyerContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

  Last January the New York Giants went on the road in the playoffs and took on the Bucs, cowboys, and packers all on the road and won hard fought games. At the time many called it a fluke, but was it? Then the giants went into the Superbowl in Glendale, Arizona as huge underdogs to the 18-0 patriots who would surely blowout the road warriors from the big apple. I would know how disrespected the giants were before this game, after all, i was in Arizona for the whole week of the Superbowl. I traveled to Arizona with my dad in hopes that our beloved giants could pull off the upset of the century. Upon our arrival in Arizona, it wasn't difficult to quickly notice that the patriots had many, many more fans in the area. During the game it was easy to recognize that the patriots had twice as many fans in attendance. They had a sense of over-confidence as if they had already won. After the final touchdown, however, they didn't make a sound the rest of the weekend. It seemed as if the giants would finally get some respect. But I was wrong. When august rolled around the "experts" on every channel would go through their preseason rankings and predictions. The same guys that had seen their predictions backfire in the Superbowl were still not convinced. The giants were once again pushed aside and told they would finish in third place this year. The same cowboys that the giants had dismantled in Dallas in January were now picked to win the conference. I have one simple question, where is the love? If winning the Superbowl against possibly the greatest team of all time whose undefeated doesn't earn you respect, then what will? Nowadays I still hear those same experts everyday say that last year was a fluke. That it can't ever be done again. That the team overachieved. Well guess what, those experts can doubt this team all they want, but its not going to take away what they did last year. That postseason was possibly the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Yet, most experts want to take that away. So this is a challenge to you so called "experts", check in your heart and tell me truthfully, did the giants deserve to win the Superbowl last year. Because if you say no, then you are saying that all football games are luck. That if the team that's favored doesn't win then its a fluke. And if reading this doesn't change your mind at all, then you know what? Keep on hating because look what your hate caused last year. It caused an old, washed up group of selfish players to suddenly turn into Superbowl champions. Go ahead, disrespect the giants, but it won't change a thing.