Taylor to Start Saturday, Play Most Of The Game For Virginia Tech

Justin CocchiolaCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

Well it seems the Virginia Tech coaching staff has finally made a decision on the quarterback situation.  Rumor has spread around campus, coming from a couple of players, that Tyrod Taylor will start Saturday.  It was also said Taylor will play most of the game, if not all.

At this point, I'm glad the coaching staff has chosen one guy to run the offense.  As we saw last week, the two-quarterback system didn't seem to be working effectively.  With this change may come a new offense.

Multiple people have also said that Virginia Tech may start running an offense similar to that of West Virginia's.  West Virginia runs a spread, no-huddle offense.  This is something that could work for Taylor and the skill position players.

The reason this could work is because Taylor is a run first pass later type of quarterback, at this point in his career.  This offensive scheme would give him the ability to run the ball first, but also be able to pass it if the defense starts focusing too much on stopping the run.

My concerns lie with the offensive line.  Our line has played better this year, but they're not built for this type of offense.  We have some pretty hefty lineman: Nick Marshman has "slimmed down" to 339 pounds, Sergio Render at 308 lbs, Ed Wang at 310 lbs, Blake DeChristopher at 299lbs, and Ryan Shuman weighing a measly 293 lbs.

Not to say our line isn't athletic, but I'm not sure how much of this offense they have run.  Maybe the coaching staff worked on this in the summer and spring, I'm not sure.  It seems they had too, because you can't just install a new offense in the middle of a season and expect things to go well.

When the word becomes official, i'll have more analysis of the situation and the game.  Expect this to be the case, as the same source has been right about past news concerning the team.