Moose Hunting Season

Max KienzlerAnalyst ISeptember 10, 2008

"Chicago is where receivers go to die"

Ah yes, the always lovable and selfless team player, Muhsin Muhammad. . . I am so glad you are gone.  This quote, given to SI, is a perfect representation of the player all Bear fans grew to hate.

Now let me state for the record: I am not saying that Da Bears have had great quarterbacks.  Our continued ineptitude at the position has been well documented, and of course having less than quality QB's effects the overall performance of the teams wide receivers significantly, but seriously Moose. . . Marty Booker had 100 and 97 receptions in back-to-back years and was then traded for Ogunleye who was coming off a 15 sack season.  And Bernard Berrian was just paid $48 million over 6 years to be the number 1 receiver for the Vikings (overpaid in my opinion, but hey if they are willing to give it to you, I don't blame him for taking it).

And heck, I might have even forgiven him for the comments if, during his time with the Bears, he had earned his paycheck.  But Moose dropped passes.  He dropped a lot of passes.  I was at the Bears vs Packers game at Chicago this past year when we destroyed them, and you know what sticks out most about this game????  Well. . . Urlacher's amazing interception and 80 yard touchdown return, but you know what sticks out most OTHER than Brian's pick 6? 

First half. 4th and goal from the 5.  We kicked a couple field goals earlier, but Lovie goes for it cause he doesn't want to keep settling for 3's.  Orton takes the snap, 3 step drop, throws a strike to Moose, who is about 2 yards deep in the endzone. The pass hits him right between the numbers. . . and Moose drops it.  Turnover on downs.  I had some reservations about Moose before for drops and an overall lack of effort, but he was a Bear, so I cheered him.  But right there, I stopped. 

And now hes ripping the Bears. He claims that the quote was taken out of context, but Moose hasnt been a model team player so he never earned the benefit of the doubt.  I want Mike Brown to decapitate him on Mooses first crossing pattern. I want Kevin Payne to lay him out on a slant route. I want Briggs or Urlacher to run him over if he tries blocking on an outside run. I want Moose to say the Bears defense is where receivers go to die. . . and I want him to say this after the Bears run over the Panthers. . .

Its Moose hunting season in Alaska.  I like to think its Moose hunting season in Carolina too, at least for this week.